Muscular Development, Vol 11, No 2, Page 22, February 1974

1973 MR. WORLD

By Len Bosland

ON THE EVENING OF NOVEMBER 10th, the final event of the World's Powerlifting Championships and the Mr. World contest was held. This year again, for the second time, the magnificent Zembo Mosque building in Harrisburg, Pa. was the site.

The first amateur Mr. World was held in conjunction with the World Weightlifting Championships in 1970 at Ohio State University where Ken Waller of the United States was the victor.

Mr. World Physique Contest

1.Roy W Duvall, England335
2.Willie Johnson, Akron Ohio323
3.Douglas M Beaver, Fremont, Ohio306
4.Dave Johns, N. Hollywood, Calif.301
5.Owen J Smith, Lima, Ohio284
6.Chen Choy Wint, Jamaica283
7.John L Boos, Babylon, N.Y.272
8.Joseph G Dodd, Trenton, N.J.264
9.Chuck Rotter, Aurora, Ill.261
10.James L Karas, Pittsburgh, Pa.251
11.Curt Haywood, Pataskala, Ohio244
12.James Handley, Baltimore, Md.243
13.Paul Pharand, Canada238
14.James Allen, Middletown, Ohio237
15.Davy Crockett, Murray, Ky.235
16.Jim Friedel, Baltimore, Md.230
17.George Rumas, Hillside, Ill.229
18.Cirtobal Magual, Puerto Rico222
19.Harold Bakkelund, Rockford, Ill.198
20.Safeli Kananda, Zambia191
21.Frederick Smith, Jamaica188
22.Precious McKenzie, England187
23.Hugh Huggins, New York City186
24.Tom Campanaro, Springfield, Pa.173
25.Woody McCullough, Canada172
26.Peter Fiore, Zambia153


Best Arms - Douglas Beaver
Best Chest - Roy Duval
Best Legs - Roy Duval
Best Back - Willie Johnson
Best Abdominals - Chuck Rotter

Most Muscular Man

  1. Willie Johnson
  2. Roy Duval
  3. Douglas Beaver
  4. Owen Smith
  5. Dave Johns

For the last three years the York Barbell Club has spared no expense sponsoring a great contest and, for the second time in four years, an Englishman has come to our shores to capture the prestigious title of Mr. World. You may remember that Albert Beckles of Britain was victorious in 1971. Ron Thompson of the United States wore the 1972 Mr. World crown, and this year another wonderfully built athlete from London, England, Mr. Roy Duval, the current Mr. Britain, took home across the sea, the Mr. World 1973 trophy.

There were twenty-six very well built men entered in this contest but I must admit that I was disappointed because many men of international calibre who should have been entered chose to bypass this event.

I have talked to several competitors, officials, and fans about this situation and I have concluded that some of the reasons foreign competitors did not come is, of course, the great distance and also the fact that our Mr. World was only six weeks after the London Mr. Universe Contest.

Even some of the better American physiques were not present as can be evidenced by the fact that only two of the top ten of the Mr. America competitors were entered. In the case of our own men, one reason may be that we already have four major titles here in the U. S.--the Junior and Senior Mr. America and the Junior and Senior Mr. U.S.A. A man cannot maintain the sharp competitive edge needed for top competition so he must be selective in the contests he chooses to enter. Then again, we must remember that our athletes travel at their own expense, and since our country is so large it is costly for most individuals.

It must also be considered that this contest is a relatively new one and that it takes a great deal of time to build the prestige of a contest. Mr. World has often been compared to the Mr. Universe in England. We must remember, however, that Mr. Universe has been held for about 25 years. I do think now that the International Powerlifting Federation is growing larger and stronger and is jointly sanctioning this competition with the A. A. U. that it will guarantee the continued growth and success of this contest.

John Terlazzo, an old hand at directing physical culture shows and physique contests, once again took care of the multitude of details which occur before, during, and after a competition which is international in scope and did, as usual, a flawless job.

I was once again privileged to be the Master of Ceremonies for this event. Even though I am a member of the Mr. America Committee and hold an international referee card, in recent years, I find great pleasure in the unique relationship I have in the capacity of M. C. This position gives me freedom and informal relationships with competitors and judges that I could not have if assigned to officiate.

I speak for myself and the competitors, I am sure, when I say that we were pleased to have the entire evening session in which to hold the physique contest rather than assigning this important contest crowded into the last hours of a weightlifting event. We feel that a contest of this importance deserves no less consideration.

While the stage was being prepared for the physique contest and I was studying my interview notes, I looked up to see John Grimek on the velvet covered posing platform, He was looking up into the spotlights to be sure they were adjusted properly. I freely admit to being a hero-worshipper and that John Grimek is one of my heroes so that instant, the sight of him, even in a business suit, brought back floods of memories and, for a fleeting moment, I relived his days of active competition--his absolute unparalleled grace and rhythm as he moved from pose to pose, combining a stupendous physique with a masterful posing routine. I have seen most of the great physiques of the last generation but no other physique champion has ever matched his electrifying art of posing. The current crop of champions has neglected to refine their posing routines to that degree and I feel that this art should be revived.

So much for my thoughts and impressions, let's move on to the facts of the competition.

There were three separate height classes contested with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category.

The short class was comprised of the following men:

John L. Boos of Babylon, N. Y., 27 years old, 176 lbs., married, works as a computer technician.

Peter Fiore of Chingola, Zambia, 32 years of age, 180 lbs., married, works in the copper mines.

Precious McKenzie of Bristol, England, World Powerlifting Champion in the 123 pound class, is 37 years of age.

Jim Friedel of Baltimore, Maryland, 30 years old, married, and is a contract representative.

Woody McCullough of Ottowa, Canada, 35 years of age, married, and works in the Civil Service.

Torn Campanaro of Springfield, Pa., 25 years old, single, 140 lbs. self-employed.

George Rumas of Chicago, Illinois, 23 years old, single 173 lbs., and is a tool and die maker.

The medium height class brought out the following contestants:

James Allen of Middletown, Ohio, 25 years old, married and owns a dry cleaning establishment.

James Handley of Baltimore, Md., 28 years old, 175 lbs., married and is a fire fighter.

Hugh Huggins of New York, N. Y., 30 years old, married, a part time college student who works for the Transit Authority.

Roy Duval of London, England, 28 years of age, single, 180 lbs., works in the Pet Foods Industry.

Curt Haywood of Pataskala, Ohio, 33 years old, married, 190 lbs., is a foreman in the Timkin Roller Bearing Company.

Safeli Kananda of Zambia, 27 years old, married, 190 lbs., 5' 8¼", works in the copper mines.

Dave Johns of North Hollywood, California, 27 years old, married, 5' 8", is a probation officer.

Harold Bakkelund of Rockford, Illinois, 49 years old, 180 lbs., 5'8", is a bricklayer.

Mangual Cristobal of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, 27 years old, 5' 8'¼",190 lbs., married, is a government employee.

In my opinion, the most closely contested class was the tall men's class. It was composed of:

Joseph Dodd of Trenton, New Jersey, 29 teacher.

Chen Choy Wint of Montego Bay, Jamaica, 31 years old, single, 200 lbs., 5' 10", a lifeguard.

Paul Pharand of Masson, Canada, 180 lbs., 5' 9¾", single, works in a health club.

Willie Johnson of Akron, Ohio, 29 years of age, 217 lbs., married, 5' 9", works in the tire industry.

Frederick Smith of Kingston, Jamaica, 31 years old, 195 lbs., 5' 9½", single, works as an electrician.

Chuck Rotter of Aurora, Illinois, 36 years old, 5' 10", married, is an accountant.

Douglas Beaver of Fremont, Ohio, 31 years old, single, 5' 9½", 200 lbs., is a college student.

Davey Crockett of Murray, Kentucky, 32 years old, 215 lbs., 6' ½", working on a Master's Degree.

James Karas of Pittsburgh, Pa., 32 years of age, single 5' 9", 175 lbs., is a metallurgical observer for U. S. Steel.

Owen Smith of Lima, Ohio, 37 years old, single, manages a health spa.

Five men won trophies for the over-all Mr. World Title. Each of these men had outstanding development but the winner, Roy Duval of London, England was a very popular choice as was evidenced when the announcement was made that he was Mr. World for 1973. His physique showed the results of many hours of intelligently applied effort in developing a really outstanding physique. His poses were well-chosen and executed, his stage presence and personal magnetism mark him as a real champion and one, I am sure, who will not rest on the laurels of Mr. Britain 1973 and Mr. World 1973 but one who will continue to improve. His name will be heard a great deal in the future. I feel I can speak for American bodybuilders and fans when I say, congratulations, for a richly deserved victory!

It was a pleasure to work with Bob Bendal, chairman of the judges and each of the hardworking panel members. I especially enjoyed the time I spent with the contestants and officials from other countries. Sharing thoughts and ideas with these men has enriched me.

One more thing, please note that due to the fact that there were no personal interviews this time with each contestant, the maximum score each man might receive from each judge was 75 points or a possible 375 grand total rather than the usual 80 points when the interview is included, or a possible grand total of 400 points. However, it was a great contest, a great show and a truly wonderful crowd, so it was a pleasure just to be there, and I hope you were there too!


- Roy Duval won the Mr. World title for 1973.

- Winner and runners-up in the Mr. World contest are, left to right: Owen Smith 5th, Doug Beaver 3rd, Mr. World winner Roy Duval, Willie Johnson 2nd, and Dave Johns 4th.

- Winner and runners-up in the Most Muscular Man contest are, left to right: Dave John 5th, Doug Beaver 3rd, Willie Johnson the overall winner, Roy Duval 2nd, and Owen Smith 4th.

- Most Muscular Man trophy winner, Willie Johnson, strikes a fine pose during the prejudging.

- Medium class winners, left to right are: Curt Hayward 3rd, Roy Duval the overall winner, and Dave Johns 2nd.

- Winners of the tall class were, left to right Owen Smith 3rd, Willie Johnson the winner, and Doug Beaver 2nd.

- Winners in the short division, left to right are: George Rumas 3rd, John Boos the winner, and Jim Friedel 2nd.

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