Muscular Development, Vol 9, No 2, Page 8, February 1972


Mr. World Physique Contest, held at William Penn High School, York, November 6, 1971

THE NOVEMBER 6th meet, held in York, was the first World Power Contest to be held anywhere, and with it was held the Mr. World physique contest. Although a number of outstanding physique champions vied for the Mr. World title, many of the top physique contenders did not compete. However, those who competed gave a fine posing display to which the audience reacted very enthusiastically.

The meet was highly successful and will be continued each year. Stronger and better lifters will result, and the physique standard will, in the very near future, become unsurpassed. It certainly will be the championships to watch!

MR. WORLD and Runners-up

  1. Albert Beckles - England
  2. Paul Grant - England
  3. Steve Michalik - Valley Stream, N.Y.
  4. Anibal Lopez - New York, N.Y.
  5. Michael Dayton - Nappa, Calif.

Most MUSCULAR Man Contest

  1. Al Beckles
  2. Paul Grant
  3. Mike Dayton
  4. Ken Covington
  5. Steve Michalik

Subdivision Awards

Best Back - Al Beckles
Best Arms - Al Beckles
Best Chest - Steve Michalik
Best Legs - Paul Grant
Best Abdominals - Mike Dayton

Mr. World - Tall Clas

  1. Paul Grant
  2. Steve Michalik
  3. Mike Dayton
  4. Joe Dodd
  5. Bill Ashpaugh
  6. Thomas Crawford

Mr. World - Medium Class

  1. Al Beckles
  2. Curt Haywood
  3. Joe Arizzi
  4. Ken Covington
  5. Bob Gallucci
  6. Jim Handley
  7. Ron Neff
  8. Don Ross
  9. Joe Sasso
  10. Steve Reed

Mr. World - Short Class

  1. Anibal Lopez
  2. Michael Forgione
  3. Joe Companaro
  4. Precious McKenzie

Listed in the following are some pertinent facts about each physique contestant, which are listed in the class category and not in the manner each placed in the overall contest. The contest featured three height divisions, giving contestants of all heights an equal chance, and selecting a winner in each height division as listed in the following:

TALL CLASS - 5'10" and over...

PAUL GRANT, Swansea/Wales was runner-up in this competition, although he recently won the Mr. Europe title in France. Paul is 28 years old, married and a salesman. His physique was very muscular, placing him second in both events.

STEVE MICHALIK, Valley Stream, N.Y. is the current Mr. USA title-holder. He is 22 years old, married and a commercial artist.

MIKE DAYTON, Napa, California is 23 and attends Sonoma State College. Is studying dentistry. Mike was featured on the August 1969 MD cover.

JOE DODD, Trenton, N.J. is 27 years old, single and a teacher, working with retarded children. Joe was on our May 1971 cover.

BILL ASHPAUGH, Mobilesville, Indiana is 33 years old, married, and is an electrical contractor.

THOMAS CRAWFORD, Greensboro, N.C. is 24 years old, married and is a meat cutter by trade.

MEDIUM CLASS - 5'6¼ and over...

AL BECKLES, was the overall winner in the physique and Most Muscular Man titles. He comes from Kenton, Middlesex, England. Is 32 years of age, married with two children, and does clerical work.

CURT HAYWOOD, Columbus, Ohio was the Mr. World winner last year in Columbus. Curt is 31, married and has two children. Has been on S & H cover . . . and he and his attractive wife will be featured on MD in the near future, along with his training routine.

JOE ARIZZI, Baltimore, Maryland is 27, married with three children. He works as a foreman in industrial painting.

KEN COVINGTON, Philadelphia, Pa. has repeatedly placed high in physique contests, winning many. He is 23, married and works at medical center.

BOB GALLUCCI, Windsor, Conn. is a 20-year old college student at Central Connecticut State. Bob is the current Teen-age Mr. America title holder and show improvement with each competition or exhibition.

JIM HANDLEY, Baltimore, Maryland is married, and 26 years of age, and works for the fire department in Baltimore.

RON NEFF, Bergenfield, N.J. is 23 years old, married with one child and works as a mechanical engineer.

DON ROSS, Detroit, Michigan is 25, single and a cartoonist. Don's story appeared in the January 1972 MD depicting his struggle to build up . . . and did sufficiently to win Mr. Michigan.

JOE SASSO, Lynnfield, Mass. is 31 years old, married with four children, and works as an insurance man.

STEVE REED, Baltimore, Maryland is 26, married and has three children, and works as a body and fender man.

SHORT CLASS - 5'6" and under...

ANIBAL LOPEZ, New York, N.Y. has, in the past, competed in numerous physique events with great success. Anibal is 29 years old, is married and works in the postal department in N.Y.

MIHCAEL FORGIONE, Hazel Park, Michigan was the oldest in the competition - 46 years old! Had excellent muscularity and trains with regularity. Is a salesman, is married with two children.

J. TOM COMPANARO, Springfield, Pa. is 24, single and an accountant. Tom was on our MD cover - January 1971 edition.

PRECIOUS McKENZIE is originally from South Africa but has been living in Bristol, England for the past few years. Precious was the only one to compete in both the lifting and the physique events, wining the 123-pound class in this competition. He is married and has three children. Is 35 years old and works in the shoe industry.


- Bob Hoffman, sponserer [sic] of the Mr. World competition, presents Al Beckles the winner trophy. Al was a great favorite in this contest.

- Winner and runners-up in the Mr. World contest, left to right: Mike Dayton 5th, Steve Michalik 3rd; Al Beckles Mr. World; Paul Grant 2nd, and Anibal Lopez 4th.

- Winner and runners-up in the Most Muscular Contest, left to right: Steve Michalik 5th, Mike Dayton 3rd, Al Beckles the winner, Paul Grant 2nd, and Ken Covington 4th.

- Al Beckles - the overall winner

- Paul Grant - 1st runner-up

- Mike Dayton - most improved

- Len Bosland (seated) who M.C'ed the physique show, obtains additional information backstage from Beckles and Grant. Both men come in from Great Britain.

- Anibal Lopez; Curt Haywood; Steve Michalik; Joe Arizzi; Ken Covington

- Bill Ashpaugh; Michael Forgione; Don Ross; Joe Sasso; Bob Gallucci; Steve Reed; Jim Handley; Precious McKenzie; Tom Campanaro

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