Muscular Development, Vol 7, No 1, Page 18, January 1970


By Oscar Heidenstam

THIS YEAR the NABBA Universe contests took place on the 19th and 20th of September. The prejudging was done on the 19th at the Royal Hotel, and the gala event was staged at the Victoria Palace, one of London's famous landmarks.

The place was packed with about 2000 enthusiasts from all over Britain and the continent. This was our 21st Universe in London and was again sponsored by NABBA's official and leading health journal,Health&Strength magazine. All the visitors tell us that ours is the Number One event of the year, a tribute we earned and try to maintain over the years by hard work.


Class 3

  1. Franco Columbu, Italy
  2. Adolf Ziegner, Austria
  3. M. Hamdy, Egypt
  4. Michael Baker, England
  5. Bozan Kamel, Syria
  6. Michael Poliotis, England

Class 2

  1. Boyer Coe, U.S.A.
  2. Roy Callender, Barbados
  3. Albert Beckles, Barbados
  4. Lars Lunde, Norway
  5. Petas Elie, S. Africa
  6. Beyrakdar Khaled, Lebanon

Class 1

  1. Jim Haislop, U.S.A.
  2. Frank Richard, England
  3. Keinrath, Austria
  4. Walter O'Malley, Ireland
  5. Helmut Reidmeier, Germany
  6. Norman Rought, Scotland
Amateur Mr. Universe 1969
Boyer Coe


Class 1

  1. John Citrone, England
  2. Kassem Yazbek
  3. Lodi Luigi, Italy
  4. Yvon Permal, Guadeloupe

Class 1

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger,
  2. Dennis Tinerino, U.S.A.
  3. Serge Nubret, Guadeloupe
  4. John Bubb, England
Professional Mr. Universe 1969
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Most Muscular
Franco Columbu
Most Improved
Roy Callendar
Best Poser
Boyer Coe

We conduct separate contests for amateurs and professionals, difficult as it is to separate one from the other these days. We rule that a professional is one who earns the major part of his living in physical culture and doesn't have any other job. . . he's a professional. However, once he competes professionally he cannot return to the amateur ranks.

Our biggest representation this year came from overseas, and the smallest British contingent ever. This year many more countries were represented, and some for the first time. Japan, for example, sent an entry for the first time, as did the small Arab kingdom of Jordan. Malaysia was back again after a few years of absence. Although we had the biggest entry from the United Arab Republic countries; Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and the aforementioned Jordan. With these entries came their supporters and officials.

Close to 70 competitors vied for the amateur and professional titles. Many brought officials with them but we could not use them as judges because they admitted lacking in knowledge on judging such a major physique event. In the past, however, we've been criticized for having' too many British judges officiating at this event, but all the men we select to be judges are either past winners of physique titles or had plenty of experience in the field of judging.

This year we had 14 judges. These were from France, Belgium, Italy, West Indies, United Arab Republic and our own men, They represented a well-experienced, competent staff and I doubt if one could find more qualified judges anywhere.

Competition--Class #3 up to 5 ft, 9 in.

A dozen or more good men from eight different countries lined up. About four competitors dominated this division. Franco Colombo, the amazing Italian, who placed second last year was again on hand after making a tour of the United States. Adolph Ziegner from Austria, is a massively built, powerful fellow who weighs 215 pounds and stands 5 ft. 6 in. in height. He placed third last year. Another impressive entry was Mohamed Hamdy of Egypt, a first class physique man and a top gymnast. Michael Baker, a much-improved Britisher who has been competing for over 12 years. These men finished in that order. Judges gave Colombo all firsts in his class. Ziegner conceded a few second places to Hamdy but still took second in this class. Hamdy of Egypt taking third, and Baker placed fourth.

Competition--Class #2 Over 5 ft. 6 in. and up to 5 ft. 9 in.

This was really a great class and the toughest and largest of the whole contest. About two dozen contestants representing 15 countries competed in this class. This class is always eagerly anticipated. In this class we had Boyer Coe, the current AAU Mr. America who was sent over by Bob Hoffman and sponsored by MD magazine. One of Coe's greatest competitors was Roy Callender who is formerly from Barbados but has been living in Britain for some time. Roy has made incredible gains and now has amazing muscularity and size. Another former resident from the West Indies is Al Beckles, who is also a muscular, outstanding specimen. And though there were others who offered a challenge for the title, the contest seemed to revolve around these three.

It was a straight fight between Coe, Callender and Beckles. However, the resounding reception that Coe received at the prejudging and at the show was heartwarming to him and must have dismayed others. He was superb from every angle, and his posing routine was a treat to see. Of course a lot of credit must go to Roy who fought to the last bead of sweat and never gave up!

Boyer, however, was a clear winner taking all but two first places in his class which Roy received. And Al Beckles was a great third. Lars Lunde of Norway was fourth, and Elie Petsas of South Africa fifth.

Competition--Class #1 over 5 ft. 9 in.

This class, similar to boxing, is always the most glamorous and usually one of the best, but it could not match the overall excellence of Class #2. About 14 contestants lined up for the title but only a handful dominated the class. There was some conjecture on how Jim Haislop would shape up after his excellent showing of a year ago. His pictures showed more improvement and Jim looked every inch of what a Mr. Universe should be like.

In this class our own Mr. Britain, Frank Richard, competed. There are those who consider him as the best Mr. Britain since Reg Park. Another out-standing contender in this class was Karl Keinrath of Austria. Last year this man did well and he looked even better this year. Also on the scene was Helmut Reidmeir of Germany, and the Scottish representative, Norman Rough.

Frank Richard, who was expecting to leave for the States only a short time before this contest lost some edge through lack of training, so all in all it was a clear cut victory for Jim Haislop. Richard got second though he lost some votes to Keinrath who took third. Fourth place went to Walter O'Malley, and fifth going to Reidmeir and sixth to Norman Rough.

After this we called out the nearly 50 contestants and began making comparisons. It was evident that the title hinged between the two Americans; Boyer Coe and Jim Haislop. Both so different yet both worthy of holding the crown. We had to look and look again before making our decision. It was a tough one to make and since we could only choose one man . . . it was Boyer Coe!

Apart from the three height winners I would say that Roy Callender created the greatest impact upon the judges, so we gave him the Most Improved award. He earned it and everyone was pleased with this choice.


About 18 competitors competed and we really had some great physiques in this part of the Mr. Universe contest.

Class #2-up to 5 ft. 8 in.

In this division the Syrian competitor, Kassem Yezbek, John Citrone, England and last year's winner, and Luigi Lodi of Italy, a former Mr. Europe title holder, dominated this class. John Citrone won this class with Kessem and Luigi placing second and third. Yves Permal got fourth and Fredrich Weimer of Germany placed fifth.

Class #1-over 5 ft. 8 in.

This class brought out three amazing physiques and everyone pondered the outcome. Dennis Tinerino, USA and last year's amateur winner, the great Guadeloupe entry who's been living in France, Serge Nubret, and the 22-year-old giant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who flew in from the States after living there for nearly a year. Arnold was in fantastic shape and far more defined than ever before. Even his legs showed tremendous improvement and with this victory joins the immortals. The others could not match him and he was given all first votes by the judges. But a battle for second place between Tinerino and Nubret ensued. . . both with superb physiques. Serge Nubret scored on the upper body and amazing arms, while Dennis scored on legs and back, so Dennis took second and Nubret got third. Fourth place went to a very creditable Englishman, John Bubb.

There wasn't any difficulty in selecting the winner among the professionals, especially since Arnold took all first place votes, so he was given the crown and it places him with Reg Park and Bill Pearl, both of whom have won the Mr. Universe titles three times each. Tinerino got second, and Serge Nubret took third, John Citrone fourth.

And so ended another great Universe show and once again we look to September 1970 when we'll stage another one and see new faces and new surprises. Until then we keep making plans and hope to put on even a better show-if that is possible.


- Mr. Universe Boyer Coe poses with Miss Bikini winner, shapely Jean Galston

- The two Mr. Universe winners. On left is Boyer Coe, winner of the amateur title, and on right is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the professional title holder for 1969.

- The happy Schwarzenegger with his trophies. On left is John Citrone, winner of the professional short man's class. Frank Richard leans on table, pondering the outcome, no doubt.

- Two professional entries, Schwarzenegger and Dennis Tinerino. Dennis took second in his class and in the overall professional competition.

- The winners in the Mr. Universe contest as they appeared on stage. Left to right: Franco Columbu, amateur Class 3 winner, Boyer Coe, amateur Mr. Universe, Arnold Schwarzenegger, professional Mr. Universe, Jim Haislop, amateur Class 1 winner, Frank Richard, Mr. Britain title holder, and Roy Callender, Most Muscular Man winner.

- Class #1, amateur line-up of the tall man's division.

- Class #3, amateur line-up of the short man's division.

- Class #2, amateur line-up of the medium height division.

- Professional entries of both classes, 1 & 2. Schwarzenegger, however, was not around when this picture was taken.

- A backstage candid shot that shows some of the contestants warming up, and Adolph Ziegner oils the shoulders and back of Franco Columbu.

- Three outstanding entries. Left to right: John Citrone, winner of the professional short man's category, Franco Columbu, winner of the amateur short man's class, Jim Haislop, winner of the tall man's class and second in the Mr. Universe competition.

- Roy Callender, Barbados, was second to Boyer Coe in his height division but won the Most Muscular Man trophy. Is shown here doing some poses during the prejudging.

- Boyer Coe and Jim Haislop, two American entries, display their leg development during the prejudging which takes place the day before. Note Coe's "cut-up", muscular legs.

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