Muscular Development, Vol 3, No 12, Page 18, December 1966



The third annual Mr. United States Physique Contest was again a feature at the conclusion of this year's Senior National Powerlifting Championships that took place at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium in Dallas, Texas on September 3rd of this year. In spite of the heavy lifting schedule the lifting moved along nicely and even the physique contest was over by 11:30 P.M.

Bob Hoffman and I attended these championships. We seldom miss any championship if we can help it. Bob especially covers thousands of miles every year to various championships, making him the most traveled official in the world. We met many old friends in Dallas, and quite a few new ones -- all nice people.
Mr. United States
Dennis Tinerino735
Boyer Coe72½5
Jim Haislop71½5
Ken McCord70½4
John Corvello64½2
John Anderson54½4
Tom Hutson544
Ed Cook524
John Henderson525
Jerry Clark515
Ellington Darden505
Ronald Unger49½3
Mike Gonzales46½3
Jack Hoffman453
Harrell Holly43½3
Harold Keeler41½2
Charles Jurden40½5
Frank Szymanski40½3
Most Muscular
Man Contest
1Dennis Tinerino, Brooklyn, N.Y.
2Ken McCord, Hayward, Calif.
3Boyer Coe, Lafayette, La.
4John Corvello, San Jose, Calif.
5Jim Haislop, Tampa, Fla.

The Mr. United States physique contest is now accepted as part of the Senior National Powerlifting Championships, and this year as in the past, the physique event was another big attraction of this fine lifting meet. A number of top-notch contestants were on hand and competed for this title. Especially noteworthy was the manner in which the top five placed in both contests, the Mr. United States and the Most Muscular Man events.

Just as the Mr. America contestants are judged, so were the Mr. United States entries prejudged backstage under the same AAU rules used in the Mr. America contest. Dennis Tinerino, the contender that won top honors in both the Mr. USA and the Most Muscular Man contests, repeated exactly the same way as last year's winner Bob Gajda did . . . winning both of these contests. However, Boyer Coe, a very worthy contender, placed a close second for the big title, being beaten out only by one half point, although he placed third in the Most Muscular. Ken McCord, a very muscular entry from the West Coast, placed a close second in this event. Both events, however, had very close competition and made it very difficult for the judges. Moreover, only five judges presided instead of the usual seven, thus making the job even more difficult for us. Due to the pressure of the events the extra two judges were not available, and since normally th high and low score of each judge is thrown out, in this contest all the points were tallied to obtain a five man score.

All in all the judges and the spectators readily agreed that all the contestants were in top shape, especially the men in the top five. Study the rating of each man listed below. You'll get an idea of how each man placed.


- Three of the top contenders for the Mr. United States physique contest. Left: Ken McCord placed 4th and 2nd in the Most Muscular Man contest. Center: Dennis Tinerino, winner of both the Most Muscular Man and the Mr. United States titles. Right: Jim Haislop was 3rd and 5th in the Most Muscular event.

- The winner of the Most Muscular Man and Mr. United States titles -- Dennis Tinerino. Dennis placed second last year but came through to win both titles this year.

- The striking physique of John Corvello (left) shows up well in the picture below. John was 5th in Mr. United States, and 4th in the Most Muscular. Boyer Coe (right), Mr. Teen-age America champ, got 2nd and placed 3rd in the Most Muscular event.

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