Muscular Development, Vol 2, No 11, Page 32, November 1965


By Gene Mozee

MORE than 1500 enthusiastic spectators crowded their way into the Embassy Auditorium in Los Angeles on June 11th and 12th to witness one of the greatest Mr. America and Most Muscular Man contests ever held.

Months before the big event it was anyone's guess who would come out on top. All of last year's top contenders (except Bill Seno) were expected to compete, so West Coast bodybuilding fans came prepared to see a great contest. They were not disappointed as twenty-nine truly outstanding competitors paraded under the lights to display their muscular developments to both the judges and spectators.

The caliber of the contestants was simply amazing! Never have I witnessed a finer group of Mr. America contenders as were present for the 1965 contest. Vern Weaver, Mr. America 1963, shared my opinion when he said, "This is definitely the best group of Mr. America competitors I have ever seen." Other physique champions present who shared similar opinions were Mr. Americas Bill Pearl ('53), George Eiferman ('48) and Ray Routledge ('61). Larry Scott, Don Howorth, John Tristram, Chet Yorton and Joe Nista -- who are all among the world's best developed men -- also commented to this writer on the high level of competition.

1.Jerry Daniels
Chattanooga, Tenn.
2.Bob Gajda
Chicago, Ill.
3.Randy Watson
Manchester, Tenn.
4.Sergio Oliva
Chicago, Ill.
5.Charles Estes
Nashville, Tenn.
6.John Gourgott
New Orleans, La.
7.Von LaMon
Pasadena, Calif.
8.Craig Whitehead
Lackland AFB, Texas
Dennis Tinerino
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mike Ferraro
Buffalo, N. Y.
11.Ralph Kroger
Solano Beach, Calif.
12.Nick Spano
Atlanta, Ga.
13.Will Whitaker
Hammond, Ind.
14.John Kanter
Phoenix, Ariz.
15.William Parker
Atlanta, Ga.
16.Bill McArdle
Studio City, Calif.
17.Bob Oliver
Pasadena, Calif.
Paul Walchoholz
Englewood, Colo.
19.Lee Roy Saba
Oakland, Calif.
20.John Corvello
San Jose, Calif.
21.Ken McCord
San Leandro, Calif.
22.Charles Amato
Portland, Oregon
23.Eugene Dickerson
San Diego, Calif.
24.John Homola
Santee, Calif.
25.John Balik
Monterey Park, Calif.
26.Millard Williamson
San Jose, Calif.
27.Andrew Burpee
Santa Monica, Calif.
28.Joseph Townsell
San Jose, Calif.
29.Roger Millette
Santa Clara, Calif.

After the magnificient posing displays by all of the contestants, score cards completed and totaled, the 19-inch arms of Jerry Daniels held the Mr. America trophy. Daniels captured the coveted award in a sweeping upset that saw many of last year's favorites fall by the wayside. As with all important contests, emotions ran high. It was difficult for some of the competitors to hide their disappointment.

At the age of 21, Jerry Daniels shares honors with Steve Reeves for being the youngest man ever to win the Mr. "A" title. Jerry stood out by virtue of his massive size and symmetrical proportions. At 220 pounds, he is one of the heaviest men ever to win the Mr. America contest.

Second place went to Chicago's Bob Gajda, a tremendously muscular and impressive bodybuilder who moved up almost to the top spot after finishing 11th in 1964. Gajda was perhaps the most surprising contender because he was completely overlooked in the prejudging by all the real dyed-in-the-wool muscle fans present. He has terrific calves, and his rock-hard appearance won for him a great many fans even, perhaps, the role as favorite for the '66 Mr. "A." (He also placed 2nd in Most Muscular.)

The veteran campaigner Randy Watson matched his '64 effort by again placing 3rd. Randy, who hails from Manchester, Tennessee, is extremely well-proportioned and symmetrical and he looked very good. With improved definition, he could be the man to beat in '66.

Sergio Olivia was the overwhelming choice for the Most Muscular title but finished only 4th in the Mr. America. He was really the sensation of the meet as far as the audience was concerned. The majority of spectators felt that Sergio should have won. Based upon muscle alone, it would be hard to deny him the title, for his muscular development is truly amazing. He is one of the most impressive physique stars of all time. He must be seen to be believed!

Fifth place went to big Chuck Estes, a 228 pound muscular giant from Nashville. He was quite impressive, combining good size, nice shape and sharp definition. He has made tremendous improvement during the past year and if he continues to improve he's going to be very tough to beat.

Dr. John Gourgott of New Orleans, who placed 2nd in '64 slipped to 6th this year, just a half point behind Estes. He had a great many supporters who felt he should have placed considerably higher, perhaps even taking the title himself. He looked very good and was well received by the audience. He is muscularly thick, and has a fine, well-balanced physique.

Seventh place went to Von La Mon of Pasadena, California. Von looked terrific and had the distinction of being the highest placing California bodybuilder. He is extremely muscular, has well-balanced development and is a smooth poser. Due to a dispute over his eligibility, he was not judged for the Most Muscular Man event. He would have been a strong contender in that category. He received one of the biggest ovations of all the contestants.

Eighth place saw three men sharing the honors with an identical total of 77½ points. Dr. Craig Whitehead of Lackland AFB, Texas; Dennis Tinerino of Brooklyn; and Mike Ferraro of Buffalo, N. Y.

Three notches below his 5th place finish in '64, Dr. Whitehead was a strong contender all the way. He had made a noticeable reduction in bodyweight and was actually much improved over last year. It puzzled more than a few people why he didn't place higher.

Young 19-year old Dennis Tinerino looked very good. Youth is on his side and with continued training he should someday capture the nation's most sought after physique crown. His definition was particularly impressive.

Mike Ferraro has one of the most startling physiques in the world. He has tremendous muscle size, particularly the lats, pecs and thighs. His leg biceps are about the best anywhere. His deep muscular separation and great muscle tone made him standout. He should have definitely placed much higher. He deservedly captured 3rd in Most Muscular.

Ninth place went to Ralph Kroger of San Diego. "Red" impressed everyone with his tremendous size and definition. He will positively be one of the top men in next year's Mr. America contest.

Tenth place was awarded to Nick Spano of Atlanta. He was impressive and his symmetry and proportions were among the best. Additional size and continued training will undoubtedly see him placing much higher next year.

In general, the contest was very well run. The contestants were all of outstanding caliber and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show. As always, there was a great deal of disagreement among the spectators over the winners but this was due to the fact that they (the audience) were judging on muscle alone rather than the present Mr. America point system which also includes athletic points, general appearance and intelligence, etc. The Most Muscular Man outcome was very popular as Olivia, Gajda and Ferraro took the prizes.

In conclusion, it should be pointed out that Jerry Daniels is an excellent representative of the Mr. America title and I'm sure he will set a fine example to the world and help bodybuilding gain wider public acceptance.


- Mr. America winners and the Queen and her Attendents. Left to right: Lynne Johnson, Randy Watson 3rd, Dianne Stanley, Queen of the Championships, Mr. America winner Jerry Daniels, Bob Gajda 2nd, and Lois Greene. The Nationals were well received and drew a record crowd in Los Angeles this year.Mr. America winners and the Queen and her Attendents. Left to right: Lynne Johnson, Randy Watson 3rd, Dianne Stanley, Queen of the Championships, Mr. America winner Jerry Daniels, Bob Gajda 2nd, and Lois Greene. The Nationals were well received and drew a record crowd in Los Angeles this year.

- Winner of the Most Muscular Man title were: Sergio Oliva 1st, Robert Gajda of Chicago 2nd, and Mike Ferraro of Buffalo 3rd. In this great event the winners were unaimously approved by the vast asembled throng.

- Winner of the Most Muscular Man title: Sergio Oliva.

- Dr John Gourgott placed 6th.

- Dennis Tinerino took 9th.

- Number two man in the Most Muscular, Bob Gajda, displays sharp muscularity here.

- John Corvello placed 20th

- The muscular back of Sergio Oliva.

- Bob Gajda poses with one of the queens, pretty Lois Greene.

Note: Sergio Oliva's name was consistantly spelled Olivia

Standings box comes from September 1965, page 26

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