Muscle Builder, Vol 15, Num 1, Page 29, January 1974


Arnold was so fabulous that Sergio Oliva, the Cuban chicken, didn't show! Franco was definitely at his best . . . positively the most muscular man ever! With an array of the finest physique contestants ever this year's contest was undoubtedly the most mind-blowing physique event ever presented . . . !

by Joe Weider

This year's I.F.B.B./A.A.B.A contest, held in Brooklyn, New York, Saturday Sept. 8, was absolutely the greatest bodybuilding show ever presented . . . !

The very fortunate - and absolutely amazed - audience witnessed body-building history in the making . . . and will certainly never forget the awesome massive muscularity of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu! What the spell-bound audience saw displayed that night on the stage by the "King", Arnold, they will never see again, in my professional opinion, for many years to come. . . Arnold is absolutely the best-developed man of all time! And. . . on that memorable night, he was at his absolute best. Period!

The same can be said for the mighty Franco Columbu! I sincerely doubt that any man of his height and weight displays so much impressive size, strength and quality of physique line and form. The entire show was conducted and presented in the highest quality tradition for such an event. The contestants were all of the highest caliber, and the judging went extremely well and was very fair. The house was literally packed!

This article is just a sneak preview - next month I'll give you all the details of this spectacular event. . . You will be given a break-down of all the great contestants, the very deserving winners, etc. - with photos galore! Plus a complete verbal report of what took place. If you weren't fortunate enough to be there in person, we will present this unforgettable contest to you, thru the pages of MUSCLE BUILDER, with such clarity, emotion and fine photos, you'll almost be able to imagine you are there . . . !

This month, as I mentioned, we simply want to give you a photo sneak preview, list the winners, and in general, keep our readers up-to-date on the I.F.B.B.'s never-ending and spectacular "muscle happenings."

MR. WORLD   Mr. America
Short Class:
1st - John Maldonado
2nd - Fred Berange
3rd - William Mitchell
Elliott Gilchrist
Andreau Bergeron
Courtney Brown
Eddie Bates
Guy Salassa
Saul Teutli
Medium Class:
1st - Ed Corney
2nd - Steve Burnett
3rd - Paul Rehaus
Ronald Berthelette
Jaque Neuville
Loftus Roach
Nick Perottie
Jefrey Reid
Ruggerio Tampalini
Tall Class:
1st Ken Waller
2nd- Dennis Tinerino
3rd - Bill Grant
Serge Lerus
Ed Wolinski
Earrol Katarro
Neal Dean
Ted Siddal
John Mikl
Short Class:
1st - Leon Brown
2nd - Kennedy Gomez
3rd - Alan Brown
David Mastriakis
David Strasser
Paul Keough
Marcellos Joyner
Rodney Langens
Gregory Martin
Medium Class:
1st - Bob Birdsong
2nd - Frankly Greene
3rd - Kent Kuehn
Jeff Smith
Tony Roma
Donald Madzelewski
Roman Austin
Hardeman Jackson
David Covert
Phillip Ray Ellis
Tall Class:
1st - Lou Ferrigno
2nd - Bill Howard
3rd - Bob Klez
Tony Mancionne
Larry Rubin
Dave DuPre
John Romeo
Bob Balodis
"MR. WORLD" WINNER: Ken Waller "MR. AMERICA" WINNER: Lou Ferrigno


- Is this the same Serge Nubret that Ken Waller challenged last issue . . . ? It sure is - and he really looks great! Still want to challenge him, Ken?

- Here is the main reason this contest was "mind-blowing!" The mightiest physique the world has ever seen . . . ! Arnold Schwarzenegger wins the "Mr. Olympia" title for the 4th time!

- Arnold's future wife, Barbara, gives her conquering here a big kiss as the magnificent 2nd place, Franco Columb, and 3rd place, Serge Nubret, look on. This contest was spectacular in every way . . . !

- The mighty "Austrian Oak", and his famous trainer, Joe Weider, justifiably look pleased. Just look at those beautiful trophies!

- Unbelievable . . . !Here is the undisputed top collection of muscular might in the whole world! And well-deserved, too . . .

- Left to right: Mr. World, Ken Waller; I.F.B.B. Mr. America, Lou Ferrigno; and Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger. "There's no room on the stage anymore when such modern bodybuilding giants compete for titles. . . !" says Joe Weider as he squeezes between Lou and Arnold.

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