Muscle Builder, Vol 11, No 3, Page 41, April, 1970


ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (Austria) is the only bodybuilder in history to have copped four MR. UNIVERSE crowns -- the 1969 NABBA PRO UNIVERSE being his latest. Just one week prior he took the 1969 IFBB UNIVERSE title; in 1968 he won his first NABBA PRO; and back in 1967 he won his first -- NABBA AMATEUR. Reg Park and Bill Pearl, by the way are next on the BIG U list, each having won three NABBA UNIVERSE titles.

This 1969 NABBA UNIVERSE saw Arnold take the PRO and Boyer Coe (USA) the AMATEUR. There were 17 competitors in the PRO, and 47 in the AMATEUR, and 26 countries were represented -- including two "firsts" -- Japan and Jordan.

In the AMATEUR division it was a close struggle between Boyer Coe (medium class) and Jim Haislop (tall), both winning their respective height classes. They were pretty evenly matched against the third man, in the short class, Francesco Columbu. Here's how it was.

  1. Jim Haisloop, USA
  2. Frank Richard, England
  3. Karl Keinrath, Austria
  4. Walter O'Malley, Ireland
  5. Helmut Reidmeir, Germany
  6. Norman Rough, Scotland
  1. Boyer Coe, USA
  2. Roy Callender, Barbados
  3. Al Beckles, Barbados
  4. Lars Lunde, Norway
  5. Pestas Elie, S. Africa
  6. Berakadar Khaled, Lebanon
  1. Fransesco Columbu, Italy
  2. Adolph Zeigner, Austria
  3. Mohamed Hamdy, Egypt
  4. Michael Baker, England
  5. Kamal Bozan, Syria
  6. Michael Piliotis, England

Columbu was Most Muscular; Coe was Best poser. These awards were overall (among AMATUER and PRO).


  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austria
  2. Dennis Tinerino, USA
  3. Serge Nurbret, France
  4. John Bubb, England
  1. John Citrone, England
  2. Kassem Yasbek, Syria
  3. Luigi Lodi, Italy
  4. Yvres Permal, Guadeloupe
  5. Friederick Weimer, Germany

Schwarzenegger won Best Poser (overall).


- NABBA Universe class winners, left to right: John Citrone (Pro Short) Francesco Columbu (Amateur Short); Arnold Schwarzenegger (Pro Tall); Boyer Coe (Amateur Medium); and Jim Haislop (Amateur Tall). It was Schwarzenegger all the way for the Pro title; Coe beat Haislop only by a slim margin in the Amateur division.

- Another shot of the class winners, left to right: Columbu, Coe; Schwarzenegger; and [Haislop]. The await Citrone. That's Frank Richard, to Haislop's left; he placed 2nd in his class in the Amateur division. How many other greats can you pick out of the background?

- Top: 1969 NABBA PRO MR. UNIVERSE Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just one week prior he took the IFBB UNIVERSE with ease. His latest makes his fourth UNIVERSE victory -- the above added to 1967 NABBA AMATEUR, and 1968 NABBA PRO. Bottom: Tall class contestants in the PRO division battle it out. Here yousee just three in action -- left to right: Serge Nubret; Dennis Tinerino; and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

- Columbu (left) not only won his height class in the AMATEUR division, but also won Most Muscular. Schwarzenegger (center) won the PRO title and Best Poser. Haislop came just points away from winning the AMATEUR title; Coe was a little too strong for him.

- After the competition the top dogs posed for the fans -- left to right; Columbu; Schwarzenegger; Coe; and Roy Callender, who placed 2nd in the medium class of the AMATEUR division. A complete breakdown of winners appears in the text.

- An informal session of conversation with friends and signing autographs for fans followed the big compeition. That's John Citrone at far left, Frank Richard at the head of the table -- and Big A big as life.

- Short class winners John Citrone (left, PRO) and Francesco Columbu (center, Amateur) pose with Jim Haislop, AMATEUR tall class winner. Will Haislop's narrow miss for the AMATEUR title spur him on to victory in 1970?

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