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By Joe Weider
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This is the true story of an already-great champion the world of muscles is excited about. Yet a year from now he will be even greater . . . more admired . . . more stupendously built . . . something the world has never seen before. And it all began by the simple turning of a page of a muscle magazine. Here's how it all came about.

I OFTEN ponder with amazement how very many lives have been completely transformed just by a first-time perusal of Muscle Builder and Mr. America magazines. This is the astounding story of one great champion -- perhaps the most phenomenal of modern times -- whose life was irrevocably changed by this simple act.

Some years ago I decided to make available our ever-advancing Weider techniques to bodybuilders allover the world by enfranchising publishers in various countries to print our magazines in their own national languages, and -- most importantly -- in the idioms that could be most quickly understood by bodybuilders of any nationality. That this has been outstandingly successful is attested by the thousands of great physique champions who appear in IFBB muscle shows and contests in every country of the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Mr. Universe -- is such a champion, and he began his already fabulous career in the muscle world by casually picking up a copy of Der Muskelbilder one day during a study period in high school. Der Muskelbilder is, of course, the German edition of our own Muscle Builder magazine.

Arnold, even then, was a big boy . . . a tall, gangling lad of fifteen, and what attracted him to Der Muskelbilder was a picture of equally big Reg Park on the cover. . . Reg, who up until now, has always been regarded as one of the world's most massively built physique stars. Since Arnold's burning desire (and greater problem) at that time was to 'flesh out' his gigantic frame with healthy muscle he impatiently flicked through the pages until he came upon the story of this fantastically-built English Mr. Universe. Here, he felt, could be the 'breakthrough' to muscle gains he had sought so very long.


In the small city of Graz, Austria where Arnold Schwarzenegger was born and has lived most of his life, bodybuilding -- as such -- was little known. However, that part of Austria has long been famous for noted strongmen such as Maxick and Sandow, Swoboda and the Saxons. Old legends die hard and the charisma of such famous men of strength has continued to exert its spell. It is no wonder then that Arnold's father and his brother Meinhard -- who is just a year older than Arnold -- were brought up in the 'strongman' tradition. At the age of 62 Arnold's father can easily lift 200 pounds overhead. His brother is a boxer -- second-best in Austria - and together they encouraged Arnold to join the local weightlifting club with them.

This Arnold did. When he joined he could press about 100 pounds, and while he grew somewhat in strength for a year afterward, he still was unable to press more than 165. Strength came, by degrees, but there was no attendant increase in muscular size . . . in the sheer massiveness that Arnold believed he needed for his tremendous height and bone structure. At the moment he discovered Der Muskelbilder these were his measurements:

Height 6' 2"
Weight 154 -- (today 250)
Arms 12½" -- (today that figure is reversed -- 21½ ")
Chest 40" -- (today a stupendous 56")
Waist 30" -- (still only 32" with a 54-pound weight gain)
Thighs 20" -- (today a magnificent 27½")
Calves 15" -- (today they are 18")

American bodybuilders familiar with our 'before-and-after' cases will straight-away realize that his before measurements were substandard for even beginning bodybuilders of even lesser height than Arnold's. It is clear that 15-year old Arnold had quite a way to go!

Fortunately for him Weider has made the going great, for by carefully analyzing various Weider principles as they were published in Der Muskelbilder, and by applying them experimentally in his own case, Arnold has never seen a day go by without making a decided improvement in his physique! Possibly without realizing it he became an instinctive trainer . . . that special breed of Weider 'wildcat' who enthusiastically adopts only those techniques which work effectively, while discarding those which work less well or not as fast. The hard-core Weider principles which have worked best for Arnold are:

(a) The Flushing Principle (working one muscle area at a time until it has been gorged with powerful supplies of muscle-building blood and pumped to maximum size).

(b) The Cheating Principle (adopting a looser exercising form by slightly swinging or swaying the body to assist in getting a greater weight started in my exercise in which a very heavy poundage is used). This builds muscular bulk.

(c) The Peak-Contraction Principle (in which one takes advantage of an already-flushed, already-pumped muscle area by performing exaggerated 'squeezes' or 'cramping' or partial movements at the apex of each full repetition . . . to produce a high 'peak' of exceptional muscular definition which is not possible with the standard performance of regular repetitions). This builds muscular shape.

(d) The Contraction Principle (through which the bodybuilder focuses almost shut-out concentration on the muscle being exercised. In his mind's eye he sees the entire range of the muscle, and how effectively it is being bombed through every inch of the rep from beginning to end. Because he concentrates so deeply, and can thereby isolate the muscle for a fuller attack, he can bring the most powerful tension to bear upon it throughout its range. This permits all-out attack and prevents wasted effort and builds muscular definition.

(e) The Double-Split Routine. (In the regular Split Routine the upper body is exercised in isolation one day, the legs the next, continuing in this alternating manner for six workout days per week. This gives the entire body three complete workouts which become more rugged in effect by reason of the staggering of the routine which permits more to be done for each part of the body. Heavier weights can be handled. . . more sets and reps are possible, with fewer and shorter pauses between sets and exercises, thus producing an even greater pump for massiveness.

While this type of exercising is quite effective for most bodybuilders, it is often not enough for one of Arnold's needs. A bodybuilder of such towering height and vaster muscular potential, and a need for greater bulk, must work twice as hard as one of more average height and less massive bone structure.

Thus he favors the Double-Split Routine because he knows he cannot possibly cover half of his body in one workout, nor as completely as he would like even in the regular Split Routine. He therefore limits his bombing to just two areas in one workout. . . returning to the gym later in the day for a workout of two other areas. In the meantime he rests completely and builds up his nutrition with important food supplements so that he can hit the ensuing workout later in the day as hard as he did the first.

When I evolved this Double-Split Routine about two years ago, a great hue and cry arose in the muscle world. There were those who said that no one could train that hard and long and get the best results. But I believed that there were many men who could become greater champions right then if only they would work their muscles far harder than they had been, and yet still be working within reasonable limits of energy and endurance. It all boils down to what is 'reasonable' and what is practicable and effective for a particular individual. For that you must experiment. . .. you must adopt the Weider Instinctive Training Principle.

I still believe that man doesn't use all of his fantastic power; and that by pushing himself within reason, and getting enough rest, and eating a wholly nutritious diet he can achieve miracles yet undreamed of. The Double-Split Routine may be just the answer. . . as it has been for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He trains about 4 hours a day (2 hours per workout) 6 days a week with it.

He bombs one or two body parts for about 2 hours in the morning before going to work. After work he bombs another two body parts for about 2 hours. After dinner, and an evening of relaxation, he works his calves (every night) before retiring. There are many who fritter away 4 hours every day in a gym in a long, continuous workout interspersed with gossip and too much dillydallying. By following a more 'up tight' routine divided into morning and afternoon sectors, a sudden surge in muscle gains would occur.


Arnold defines reasonableness in his case like this: "I believe that the muscles must be constantly pumped up and feel as though they have been freshly worked all day long. I believe that a slight muscle ache must be felt after a workout because I know this slight ache proves that I have worked the muscles hard. I believe that if there is no 'pump' there is no muscular growth. And so I am aggressive about my workouts. . . I keep pushing, always with heavier weights, and with very scientific bodybuilding diet I follow, and with my own eccentric (if you like) methods of relaxing, plus eight to nine hours sound sleep each night, I believe I achieve the acme of 'reasonableness' in my own particular case." Taking Arnold's points individually. . . let's look into. . .


How much protein do you eat each day? A hundred grams. . . a hundred-fifty. . . two hundred? Maybe what you eat is adequate for you. . . maybe it is not, particularly if you train hard and are not experiencing the greatest possible gains. But Arnold Schwarzenegger pegs his protein intake each day at 350 grams! How on earth does he do it?


To the average individual whose entire protein intake each day may reach 100 grams maximum, the idea of consuming 350 protein grams seems impossible. And it really would be. If those 350 grams were derived solely from heavy, solid proteins such as meat. The digestive system simply could not handle so much solidity. . . the churning process would become clogged and much of the potential would pass off as waste.

But that is why Weider developed our now-famous food supplements: SuperPro 101 . . . Crash Weight-gaining Formula #7 . . . Instant Nature Breakfast . . . and even the essentially power-up supplement Insta Power has a high protein quotient. Arnold adds these supplements in auxiliary smaller meals throughout the day (generally about 3 hours apart) to his regular table-food meals in which meat, of course, is a daily staple.

BREAKFAST: He arises about 7 in the morning.
Instant Nature Breakfast (one container)
A German -Swiss cereal called Birchermuesli which is comprised of rolled oats, ground nuts of many kinds, dried raisins, dried apples, and seeds of many kinds (such as wheat germ). This delicious cold cereal (you add milk only) can be purchased in health food stores.
A Vitamin-Mineral Tablet.
One Protozyme Tablet to assist in protein and starch digestion.

AT 9:00 A.M.
Insta Power (one container). Arnold usually sips half of this before his workout, and sips the remainder during the workout.

AT 11:00 A.M.
Instant Nature Breakfast (one container) or Super-Pro 101.

AT 2:00 P.M. (Germans and Austrians eat a late lunch)
A light protein such as tunafish or cottage cheese.
A small green vegetable salad with lemon juice and roll.
A piece of fresh raw fruit.

A container of Insta Power (sipped as before, ½ before the workout, the remainder during the workout).

A full pound of beef. Arnold prefers Rostbraten which is a Viennese sirloin steak pan-broiled with a few tablespoons of peanut oil in order to gain needed unsaturated fatty acids to offset the animal fat quotient in the beef.
A baked potato with corn-oil margarine for topping.
A mixed salad of potatoes, red beets and cucumbers.
A typical Viennese dessert such as Kaiserschmarren or Schillerlocken (a pastry cone filled with whipped cream), or Nusstorte (you may substitute any kind of dry, nutty cake). When Arnold was trying to gain weight he not only ate dessert just mentioned, but sipped a container of Crash Weight-gaining Formula #7 as a 'chaser.' This was so effective that now, at his present weight of 250, he no longer need rely on Crash Weight daily, only when he finds his weight dropping below the 250 lbs. he likes to maintain throughout the year.
He always takes a Protozyme Tablet after his big dinner.

A container of Super-Pro 101 to provide protein insurance for the day. Thus his total protein consumption is 350+ grams per day.

Now Arnold alters this diet a few weeks before a contest or an exhibition. Then we find him 'fining down' . . . trying for the greatest 'cuts.' At this time he omits many of the high carbo-gram foods. . . boosts his protein intake with Super-Pro 101, and includes Muscle Density Formula RX7. This latter supplement is substituted for Insta-Power before (and during) each workout sector, and in place of Instant Nature Breakfast at the 11 :00 A.M. feeding. Because he then works in high sets and reps with lighter poundages, he does not require the super-energy boost necessary when working with the heaviest weights. Thus Muscle Density Formula R7 which is formulated to help produce muscular definition in combination with brisk workout routines, is just what he needs.

It is needless to add that when working for definition. Arnold omits desserts such as the creamy Kaiserschmarren, Schillerlocken or Nusstorte, and substitutes an apple or pear or peach peeled at the table and eaten raw. In this way he trims down a few pounds, and has 100% more cuts than anyone else on the posing platform!


Still only 21, Arnold Schwarzenegger has given much thought to more serious things about bodybuilding, and these are some of them which he discussed with me recently:

(a) Don't be a complainer. If you complain about one single thing in your workout your workout is sure to be less effective. Psychologically any kind of complaint is transmitted to the muscles and they simply will not make the greatest possible effort.

(b) Practice being happy. If you will 'think' happy, if you will just convince yourself that everything is going along better than ever, it will!

(c) Practice posing every workout. The greatest investment you can put into your home gym, except for necessary exercising equipment, is a mirror on each of opposite walls. Instead of hitting the shower after your last exercise, practice at least 15 minutes of posing. The double mirror will show you exactly what has happened during the workout, and you'll have a visible record of your daily improvement. Besides, posing makes it easy to appear in contests without that awful feeling of impending doom!

(d) Move slowly at all other times than when you work out. If you are trying to gain weight, particularly, it is a good policy to 'laze around.' Walk slowly . . . just glide along. Don't get involved in outside activities to the point where you are dating, dancing, playing, the minute you complete your workout. Take it easy. In this way you will conserve vital energy for your workouts.

(e) Get 9 hours sleep each night. Don't go to bed and lie there dreaming of tomorrow, or even tomorrow's workout. A workout is something that cannot be dreamed. . . it must be executed, and all the dreaming in the world cannot make it otherwise. Go to bed to sleep . . . simply and forcibly refuse to think of anything. Make your mind a blank, and you'll drift off to sound sleep and wake totally refreshed.

(f) Concentrate deeply in your workouts. If you have the misfortune to train in a crowded gym, divorce your mind from every person around you. Think only of the muscle you are to exercise, and the weight, sets, reps, and equipment to be used in it.

(g) Never talk in workouts. You can politely refuse to talk to anyone in a gym. Tell your gabby friend that you want all your mental powers focused on the workout. . . tell him that no one ever 'talked' a good workout. Talking dispels concentration. . . and that you do not want.

(h) Give credit where it is due. Don't harbor grudges . . . don't be envious of other bodybuilders. Recognize that others have 'arrived' in the muscle world . . . that they worked honestly for their attainments. Don't 'eat your heart out' because someone has a bigger arm than yours. Keep trying to build your own.

(i) Force out extra reps whenever you can, remembering that these produce an even greater pump and a deeper muscle-growth ache. . . the only valid 'symptoms' that you are growing bigger and stronger!

(j) Encourage some bodybuilder who is despairing over his lack of progress. If you believe you have some sound advice to offer, do so at the conclusion of your workout. You will inspire him, and in doing so you will re-inspire yourself. No man ever stands so tall as when he stoops to help someone else.

(k) Put some Power-lifting into your workouts. Power-lifting has helped me so much in my search for the greatest muscular massiveness and power. I won the Power-lifting championship of East Germany in 1968 . . . with lifts of 460 in the Bench Press. . . 500 in the Squat . . . and 710 in the Deadlift. I do not even remotely 'career' in Power-lifting, but I use it for getting he most out of bodybuilding.

(l) Never be satisfied with merely 'good' gains. Settle only for the greatest!

(m) Train every day as though you had a contest coming up next week. Only in this way can you mentally wage an all-out war for the greatest gains in muscle building.


European standards in bodybuilding, and physique ideals, are somewhat different than ours. This is an aspect of muscle-building that Arnold had not considered until just recently, and it was brought home to him quite dramatically.

After he won his amateur British Mr. Universe last year, Reg Park engaged Arnold for some exhibitions in South Africa. And it was while he was in Johannesburg that Reg urged Arnold to come to the United States and train under my supervision. . . to put the 'finishing touches' to his fine physique; necessary for winning international competition.

Reg pointed out that the IFBB Mr. Universe - Mr. Olympia contest is where the most exacting bodybuilding standards rule the day. That a champion may win many titles, but the greatest of all is the IFBB award. For it is at these contests that the world's best bodybuilders vie for that honor of honors. Anything that has been overlooked, even slightly, in the contestant's training career is sure to be noticed and commented upon, and therefore it is the catalyst that separates the true and worthy over-all champion from the lesser ones.

Of course, having won an extraordinary number of titles, Arnold did not heed Reg's advice at the time. After all, he was Junior Mr. Austria . . . Senior Mr. Austria . . . at 18 he had won tile Junior Best-built Man In Europe title. . . then Senior Mr. Europe . . . at 19 the second spot in the Mr. Universe contest in London. . . and, as you know, the Amateur and Professional Mr. Universe the following years.

But it was not until he was on the boards at the Miami Beach edition of the IFBB Mr. Universe contest that he realized the truth, and felt the full impact of Reg's wise counsel. He lost to Frank Zane, who only a week before had taken the IFBB Mr. America title. Although totally dissimilar in types of build, Frank had that super-something that took the award.

It is not always the biggest man who wins the IFBB titles, but the man who is most perfectly developed through every phase of his muscularity. Frank is 4 inches shorter than Arnold, and he is a good 60 pounds lighter. But every inch of him is a champion. . . and every pound. And Arnold realized this as only a true champion can.

Thus it was that he approached me about coaching him. I suggested that he move to Santa Monica, California. It is just the right place for Arnold. At the time he wanted to come to the United States to train with me it was approaching winter, and I know that it is difficult for any bodybuilder, champion or not, to do his best in our inclement New York weather.

Moreover, I am continually commuting from New York to Santa Monica (our Weider West Coast office is there . . . as is Muscle Beach nearby). I felt that I would have more time to devote to him in California, and that we could train together not only in our Santa Monica gym, but more frequently on the sands of the beautiful beach which is in throwing distance of our office.

In addition, he would be among champion friends such as Dave Draper and Chuck Collras, Don Howorth and Reg Lewis, Don Peters and Joe Nista, to name just a few. Each of these is a great champion. . . all have won spectacular awards, and anyone of them would be glad to assist Arnold in his training when I would not be there to supervise.

In this way he will become familiar with other Weider principles and techniques which will, of course, add inches of extra muscle to his astounding physique. And he will have the distinct advantage of daily competition with the greats of the West Coast. This is a healthy thing. Often, unless there is some kind of competition, any bodybuilder tends to lose some interest. Bodybuilders must be challenged at all times . . . it's really the prime motivating force that makes them grow bigger, stronger, more symmetrical and more muscular.

A year from now you are going to see Arnold Schwarzenegger at the next IFBB Mr. Universe show. Wherever you live, I urge you now to plan to attend it because you are going to see the most sensational phenomenon of the muscle world. It will be an occasion to remember all your life. . . for you will see a man who is absolutely the 'living end' . . . the greatest figure of all time in muscle building.

The photographs which accompany this article should be preserved and compared with those which will be made at the next Mr. Universe show. You will see then how Weider advanced techniques transforms a great champion into an incomparable one. His name will be Schwarzenegger!

Will Arnold then remain here in the United States and perhaps become an American citizen? I think not. I have great plans for him. I want him to return to Europe and head our Weider Munich office. With the inspiration of his overwhelming physique he will be of inestimable value in encouraging thousands of young European bodybuilders to get the most from training with our Weider Spage-Age techniques. Arid by then who will be the supreme authority in Europe on Weider training? Arnold Schwarzenegger!


- Above: As close as Arnold Schwarzenegger got to the 1968 IFBB MR. UNIVERSE winner's trophies -- a grasp away. His belief that a tall man should be big, just big and massive with hardly any muscle density, cost him the title -- which was won by Frank Zane. Here, he admires the trophies earlier in the day, with trainer Joe Weider. Right: In 1968, on winning the NABBA Professional MR. UNIVERSE contest.

- This is what a 56" chest tapering down to a 32" waist, and a 21½" arm look like. Fantastic! We here at the Weider Research Clinic consider this to be one of the most amazing chest poses ever taken -- even though the photograph isn't too bright and sharp. Posed by Joe Weider.

- There is no question that Arnold is a "sleeping giant" -- on the brink of true greatness. By modifying his present training program, his personal trainer, Joe Weider, will help Arnold acquire muscle density -- while still maintaining huge size. (Caruso photo)

- In the 1968 IFBB MR. UNIVERSE competition Arnold Looked massive and impressive. His belief that big men should be massive and forget cuts cost him the title. He is presently training for shape and cuts, as well as bulk. (Caruso photo)

- Frank Zane at his best. He was muscular, shapely and fantastically cut-up without a flaw -- which is what made him superior to Schwarzenegger in the IFBB MR. UNIVERSE contest. Frank needs an additional 15 pounds before he can establish himself as a true great by winning the MR. OLYMPIA title. (Caruso photo)

- This photograph was taken shortly after the 1968 MR. UNIVERSE event, in California, where Arnold is now training under Joe Weider's personal supervision. Already he shows slight improvement in muscle density . . . just wait and see the final results in a few months! (Caruso photo)

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