Muscle Builder, Vol 10, No 1, Page 45, September 1968


FOR those bodybuilding fans who waited through two days of lifting to see th 1968 AAU Amateur Mr. AMerica, what they got was really "amateur". York, Pa., scene of the Mr. America show in 1966, whcih was the best imitation of the IFBB extravaganzas the AAU ever conducted, was in 1668 the victim of the latests AAU regulations.

It seems that now no professional act or even poser can appear on the same program as amateur bodybuilders . . . it might "taint" them. So . . . no show, no poser, no nothing except 27 contestants and the various awards.

One step in the right direction . . . contestants are now allowed one minute of posing time, instead of the traditional 3 poses limitation. After all 27 men had posed, the Most Muscular winners were announced. Fifth was Gil Hansen; fourth, Ken covington; thir, Chris Dickerson; second, Chuck Collras; first, Boyer Coe. Other than Coe, just how these awards were arrived at were a mystification to the fans. Coe, however, got an overwhelming reception and clearly was the favorite of the crowd.

Best bodyparrs were passed out: Coe, as expected, got Best Arms, Best Chest, and Best Legs. In decisions greeted by thunderous silence Chris Dickerson got Best Chest and Chuck Collras Best Abdominals. [obviously a typo: two best chest, no best back - tmf]

The 10 finalists were immediately announced (remember, no acts and no guest poser). There were on the stage: Boyer Coe, Chuck Collras, Chris Dickerson, Jim Whitehead, Will Whitaker, and Ken Waller.

Of this group, Will Whitaker and Bill St John looked particularly impressive, Jim Morris of New York City and Ken Waller of Indiana were in their first Mr. America shows, and Coe and Hailsop drew the greatest applause and fan support.

The top five were announced: fifth, to scattered rasberries, Chuck Collras; fourth, to disbelieving "awws," Kell Waller; third, to general apathy and wouldn't-you-know-it sounds, Chris Dickerson; second, to a thunderous chorus of boos, Boyer Coe. The winner, as expected, Jim Haislpop.

It would seem, despite Haislop's many supporters, that Coe had the approval of the fans, as he did in losing also at the Jr. Mr. America. In fairness to Haislop, amid the boing chorus, it should be remembered that he has a completely symmetrical body, despite a slight weakness of arm size, while Coe is hugely massive without the same symmetry, good looks, and Reeves-like appearance.

This Haislop has, while Coe is in the muscle monster category, with Oliva, Sipes and others of that size and development. Having waited his turn for a year, Jim Haislop is now Amateur Mr. America, 1968, and lots better than some winners of recent vintage. He deserves credit for working long and hard on his training. What Coe will do in the future is anybody's guess.

[Note: Ken Waller was consistantly spelled Woller - tmf]


- AAU 1968 MR. AMERICA FINALIST, left to right: Ken Waller, 4th; Boyer Coe, 2nd; Jim Haislop, winner; Chris Dickerson, 3rd; and Chuck Collras, 5th.

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