Muscle Builder, Vol 1 Num 6, Page 9, October 1958

Tom Sansone Wins Mr. America and "Most Muscular" Titles!

by Leroy Colbert

Joe Weider knows how to pick a winner every time! You'll recall that in our July issue Joe predicted the outcome of the 1958 Mr. America contest. His choice - big Tom Sansone.

Well, no sooner had the printing ink dried on those pages than his prediction came true, for on the night of June 22 in Los Angeles, handsome Tom Sansone did become our eighteenth Mr. America, and never was a title more honestly and deservedly won!

Not that his victory was an easy one, however. Tom faced some really rugged competition from that popular California favorite, Lynn Lyman, who placed second; and from those two veteran contestants from San Diego - Earl Clark and Bill Golumbick.

Personally, I am very proud of Tom's victory for I have come to know him well. I've watched him train - I've been his workout partner - and I can vouch for the truth of the statement that his sensational physique is very largely the product of the same Weider training principles which, by now, every modern bodybuilder, including myself, faithfully follows.

It is because Tom patterned his workouts so closely after Weider methods because he had the determination and drive to train harder than other contestants that we knew he'd take the title.

Sansone continually utilizes the famous Weider copyrighted principles of Flushing, Cheating and Peak Contraction in his training. In preparing for the Mr. America contest he combined all three in a unique three-workouts-per-day plan, which, as you can see, really paid off for this phenomenally muscular young man.

Normally his workout is a three-hour affair, and when preparing for local contests, about four hours. But for the "big one" Tom pulled out all the stops. With the titanic reservoirs of power and energy he had built up through training wisely according to modern training principles - through a careful check of his diet to see that it was kept ultr-high in protein - and through conserving that energy by getting plenty of sleep and relaxation - he was able to power-pack his muscles and build them to giant size with blade-sharp definition in three rugged daily workouts!

Having observed him carefully during his workouts, I can testify that he has thoroughly learned the art of complete concentration. Because of this he can force out extra reps - never giving a second thought to the weight he is using - and bring intense mental contraction and thought force to focus on every repetition of every set of every exercise he performs.

The transformation of Tom Sansone from just another bodybuilder to a world-recognized champion is one of the great stories in modern bodybuilding history. But it is just that - it is just one story in the continuing cycle of stories of magnificently-developed men. It is the story that we can write about you, if you follow Tom's good example and pattern your own workouts after the unparalleled principles on the Weider system. If you have his burning desire for physique greatness - his determination to faithfully serve his ideal - and faithfully follow along the Weider way, then success is as assuredly yours as it is this great champion's whom we honor here.

Tom Sansone is a sterling example of all that is fine and noble in our American youth and we known that he will go further along to greater glory in our beloved sport.

All of us wish him the greatest success and happiness in whatever he does. Weightlifting and bodybuilding can use champions like Tom, and we know that he'll wear his newly-won crown with the dignity of the true champion he is!


- Not only did TOM SANSONE take the Mr. America title, but that of Most Muscular as well. Here Tom displays the identical pose that cinched his victory.

- LYNN LYMAN, always a favorite shows the majestic proportions that have long made him a winner. This time, however, he placed second.

- EARL CLARK, former Mr. Indiana - the man whose muscles grow in spite of himself - was rugged compeititoin for Tom Sansone.

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