IronMan, Vol 17, No 2, Page 17, September 1957

Ron Lacy, Mr. America

Bohaty Second, Johnson Third

by Alan O'Brien

FROM the first moment that Ronald "Spec" Lacy stepped upon the stage at the big new Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach, Florida, it was evident to everyone that here was "Mr. America for 1957". They were looking at an athlete, gentleman and a scholar. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, Ron now makes his home in Lexington, deep in the heart of the Blue Grass country. For the past year he has devoted a good deal of his training to the 3 olympic lifts and feels that this type of a program was the biggest asset in helping, to develop his fine physique. Recently he totaled around 850 pounds as a light-heavyweight and that is really fine lifting.

After the lifting the first day we all got a good chance to see the contestants as the only subdivision was held, that being the "Most Muscular" man in America for 1957. Top award went to Ron Lacy. He really had the "muscles" and fine proportions to go with it.

All of the judges which included Karo Whitfield, John Terpak, Bob Hoffman, Al Christensen, Jack Ayers, Steve Klisanin and myself, agreed that the winner was one of the most symmetrically built men in the world.

The new system of scoring was used and proved very successful. There were 7 judges and each could give from one to twenty points per man. Five points for muscular development, 5 points for symmetry and proportion, 5 points for general appearance, and 5 points for athletic ability. The latter points were scored at the interviews which were held prior to the actual judging on the posing platform. If a man was a good weightlifter and could do well on the lifts he was usually awarded the full 5 points. Many of the fellows had played college football and were good at other sports so this helped them to get as many points as possible. Also at the interviews it gave the judges a chance to talk with the contestants and find out about their education and general background. Also 5 points were judged for muscular development at the sub-division so that only left 10 points to be awarded at the final session where the fellows were scored under the posing lights.

As usual the high and low score for each man was eliminated and that left a total from 1 to 100 points that a contestant could receive.

One of the contestants entered was big Bruce Randall, who once weighed over 400 pounds. Last year he was 187 and this year he entered at 230 pounds. It was interesting talking to him at the interview as he told us how and why he had jumped up and down with his bodyweight. When he weighed around 400 he pressed 370 which is really something. He looked very good under the lights but his upper body overshadowed his legs somewhat and he must have at least a 52 inch chest. Fifth place went to Bill Golumbick of California, present holder of the "Mr. Pacific Coast" title. Bill is quite short and possessed a fine set of abdominals but will need a little more muscular size and if he gets this he is sure to place high next year.

Fourth place was awarded to Tom Sansone from New York. Here is a fellow who has improved very fast and had a very good posing routine and fine proportions plus good muscular size. He has won a good many titles up in the east and is quite an athlete on top of that. If memory serves me correct he was second or third in the sub-division.

Third place went to a real southern gentleman by the name of Harry Johnson from Atlanta, Georgia. Harry improves every year. This year he really had more size than ever before and if his legs would just grow a little more he is sure to win the title someday soon. I, for one, hope he keeps in shape and will compete again next year as he certainly has the background to be a "Mr. America".

Second place went to Gene Bohaty from Chicago. Gene has taken a big interest in lifting and at the Junior Nationals in El Paso pressed a fine 280 pounds in winning the gold medal for the heavyweight class. He had his bodyweight up around 215 in May and was now about 195 and seemed to be in the best shape of his life. He will be my choice to take the title next year. A lot of the fellows have had good luck in making gains recently by jumping up in bodyweight and doing some lifting and then training hard for about 6 weeks prior to a physique contest, cutting the weight down so as to be in good shape for the event. By the way, if you haven't read Gene's book on the "Beginning and End of the Universe", be sure to do so. His latest is, "How to Cure the Common Cold". His ideas are very good and will give you a few hours of good reading enjoyment and will leave you with something to think about. Write to him in care of the Irving Park YMCA in Chicago.

Then, as mentioned, the big prize went to Ron Lacy. Everyone agreed that he was tops and the applause could really be heard and lots of handshakes were in store for him after the presentation. I hope he is able to enter the Mr. Universe contest, as he should do very well in international competition. He plans to resume lifting again and will enter the Senior Nationals next year. Ron also talked to me about getting the Junior Nationals in Lexington for 1958 and we hope he is successful.


- Ron Lacy came through for a win on the year's big title and really looked terrific.

- At upper left is Tom Sansone then Johnson, Lacy, Bohaty and Golumbick, the five top men. At lower left is the spledid back of Lacy. Photos by Mike Maykish.

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