Muscle Memory

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Peak Muscle Maker

DateIssueCoverCover Models
1969 JuneVol 1, Num 1Rick Wayne, Lynne Rhodes
Vol 1, Num 2scanFrank Richard, Dianne Bennett
Vol 1, Num 3scanHumbert Pulmann, Pat Wheeldon
Vol 1, Num 4scanJoseph Carmilleri, Francis Camilleri
Vol 1, Num 5scanFrank Zane
Vol 1, Num 6scanRick Wayne, Pat Wheeldon
Vol 1, Num 7scanPeter Fleischer, Patsy Byford
Vol 1, Num 8scanArnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper
Vol 1, Num 9scanDave Draper, two females
Vol 1, Num 10scanBaldo Lois, Pauline Rawson
Vol 1, Num 11scanBrian Eastman, Marion Gibbons
Vol 1, Num 12scanAlbert Beckles, female
Vol 2, Num 1scanRick Wayne, female
Vol 2, Num 2scanRick Wayne, Dave Draper, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Vol 2, Num 3scanFranco Columbu
Vol 2, Num 4scanColin Johns, Bernard Bradford, John Holt
Vol 2, Num 5scanRoy Duval, Monika Griffiths
Vol 2, Num 6scanDave Draper, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Vol 2, Num 7scanDennis Wilkins, Carol Ann Bull
Vol 2, Num 8scanRoger Walker, Pauline Rawson
Vol 2, Num 9scanEllington Darden, Alexander Glass
Vol 2, Num 10scanSerge Nubret, Jackie Renia
Vol 2, Num 11scanSergio Oliva
Vol 2, Num 12scanPaul Graham
Vol 3, Num 1scanArnold Schwarzenegger
Vol 3, Num 2scanFrank Zane
Vol 3, Num 3scanFranco Columbu
Vol 3, Num 4scanBill Trotter, female

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