Your Physique, Volume 15 Number 6

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider5
Results of "Professional Mr America" and "Mr San Francisco"7
The 1951 Alex AronisEarle Liederman8
How I Became a ChampionSteve Reeves10
Something New For Greater Thigh and Calf MuscularityCharles A Smith12
The Peak Contraction ExerciseArmand Tanny14
My Favorite Forearm RoutineAlan Stephan16
Get Massive (Secrets of the Champions)Joe Weider18
Poses That Made The Champions Famous21
Improve Your Lock Out Power, Pulling Power, StabilityCharles A Smith22
The Principles Of PowerClarence Ross24
The Victory of Freddie ReganBarton R Horvath28
Rugged Lower Back PowerAbe Goldberg30
Brief Summary of Mr America and Senior National Results50

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