Your Physique, Volume 8 Number 1

Table of Contents

Cause and Cure of Excessive PerspirationBamford Stanley7
How George O'Brien of the Movies Keeps FitGeorge Lowther8
Arm Development - part 2David P Willoughby10
What's Your Trouble?George F Jowett14
Meet George F Jowett, "Father of Modern Weightlifting"Earle E Liederman16
Massage and ExerciseKenneth Deardorf18
The Advantages of Irregular TrainingGene Jantzen20
Watching Russ Field TrainEarle E Liederman22
The Story of Louis CyrLeo Gaudreau24
Magnificent Manhood - Jacques Pasquet and Bill Hillgardner26
The Body Builders' CornerGeorge R Weaver28
How to Demonstrate SuccessDr Frederick Tilney30
Little Lessons in AnatomyLeo Gaudreau32
A Real American GiantGeorge F Jowett33
Around the World with WeightliftersArthur F Gay34

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