Your Physique, Volume 7 Number 3

Table of Contents

A Personal Interview With Abe GoldbergE M Orlick8
Weightlifting In CubaJack Muniz10
What Should Bodybuilders Drink ?Ed Theriault12
Build The Muscles That Broaden Your BackGeorge F Jowett14
The George Yacos GymnasiumJoe Weider16
Magnificant ManhoodAlan Stephan, Earle E Liederman18
Little Lessons In AnatomyLeo Gaudreau19
Undertraining, Overtraining and Correct TrainingBarton R Horvath20
Meet Mr Los Angeles, Andrew SalvadorEarle E Liederman23
Judo - Your Self DefenseTat Smith24
The Secret of Long LifeDavid P Willoughby26
How Honest Are You With Yourself ?Joe Weider29
The Story of SaxonLeo Gaudreau30
More Energy Means Better ProgressJoe Weider32
American and European Ideals (pictorial review)34
Around The World With WeightliftersWilliam Oliphant36
The Secret of HandbalancingE M Orlick38
The Body Builder's CornerGeorge R Weaver40
Ou-Wit Middle AgeEarle E Liederman42
The Art Of PosingHarry Shafran44
How To Instruct Your Pupils ProperlyPaul J Riley46

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