Your Physique, Volume 2 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - Bring Out Your Reserve Power!Joe Weider3
Beware the Advocates of Lust!T Bowen Partington4
News and Views of the Weightlifting WorldBill Panzen7
Impressions of the National Senior Weightlifting MeetGuy Crowell8
Strongest Woman On Earth - Kati SandwinaErnest Edwin Coffin11
Neck Power with Nerve ForceGeorge F Jowett12
Is Apparatus Really Necessary?Harvey Hill15
Try Training This Way for Swift ResultsDr Frederick Tilney17
Your Health ProblemRay Van Cleef19
Get Natural Vitamins and Food MineralsDr Frederick Tilney21
Home Treatment for Varicose VeinsGeorge Malcolm Smith25

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