Muscle Training Illustrated, number 014

Table of Contents

Editorial - Where Will You Be In The Year 2000?E M Orlic5
Bodybuilders Of The World UniteDan Lurie7
Elliot Gilchrist - Mr CutsSteve Juda10
Dont' Be Afraid Of FatsCarlson Wade16
To CHeat Or Not To CheatW D Baillie20
British Bodybuilder Outdoes Bill PearlEdward O'Relly23
Marine Corps Instructor Praises Our MagazineDan Lurie26
The Biggest Event Of The CenturyDan Lurie28
New Trends In Physique PosingEarle Liederman29
Fabulous Freddy Ortiz - Muscle Man Of THe Month34
Testimony To The Great Sig KleinE M Orlic36
Pacific Coast PatterDennis Busch41
Mystery Guess Star45
1968 AAU Florida Lifting And Physique ContestDonna Hale54
Empire State Weightlifting TournamentEd Jubinville58
Last Month's Mystery Guess Star - Vince Gironda63

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