Muscle Training Illustrated, number 011

Table of Contents

Editorial - Weight Training Is Finally RecognizedE M Orlick5
Muscle Gossip7
Remember The Man On The Left?Edward O'Relly9
Dennis Gauthier, Mr Canada, Wins Photo ContestDan Lurie10
Bill Pearl Displays Superhuman Lung PowerSteve Juda12
Antagonistic Muscle TrainingW D Baillie14
Lucky Kargo - Movie Stuntman Trains With WeightsRon Orlick16
What You Must Know About VitaminsCarlson Wade21
The Spectacular Mr Americas 1967 Physique ContestDan Lurie26
Dave Draper - Muscle Man Of The Month34
Entire Pro Football Team Trains With WeightsNat Huber36
Mr Lower California ContestRon Orlick41
Mystery Guess Star45
Scientific Exercise AnalysisE M Orlick49
Where Are They Now? Mike TorresRick Wells51
First WBBG Power Lifting ContestTerry Douglas52
Photo NewsEdward O'Relly54
Try Rebound Tumbling For Increased StrengthRaymond Schuessler58
Tony Badal Gains 30 Pounds In 3 MonthsDan Lurie62
Pacific Coast PatterDennis Busch64
Siegmund Klein Speaks OutSiegmund Klein66

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