Muscle Power, Volume 7 Number 1

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
High or Low RepetitionsNorman Marks5
An Open Inviation To John Grimek7
Shaping the ForearmsEric Pedersen8
Let's Gossip10
Questions And Answers12
Bending Iron is EasyGeorge F Jowett13
How I Developed My ArmsClarence Ross14
Our Boy's DeptAlex B Aronis16
Mr. Muscle Beach 1948Earle E Liederman17
Behind The Scenes, Part 218
Basic Wrestling HoldsEugene M Hanson20
Winter ColdsHereward Carrington22
Handbalancing Made EasyE M Orlick24
Future GreatsE M Orlick25
Mac Batchelor "Writes"Ian "Mac" Batchelor26
The Wrestler's BridgeLeo Gaudreau28

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