Muscle Power, Volume 6 Number 1

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
Boy's Dept5
He Is Too Fat For Me7
Results of the "Mr. U.S.A"8
Handbalancing For AllE M Orlick11
Value of Heavy TrainingBert Goodrich12
Pictorial Display of "Professional Mr. America" Floyd Page13
Let's Gossip14
Muscular BeautiesEugene M Hanson16
The Mighty Batchelor - part 2Earle E Liederman17
Complete Development of the TricepsBarton R Horvath18
Another Samson - What A ManWilfred Diamond20
Ed Jubinville - Muscle Control PhenomenonMartin Franklin23
Future GreatsEd Theriault24
High TensionRaymond J Keenan25
Blondin The BraveRobert J Devenney26
Try This 400 lb. LiftGeorge F Jowett27

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