Muscle Power, Volume 4 Number 6

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
Magnificent Manhood - Barton Horvath5
Meet Sam Restituto7
Have You Reached the Sticking Point?Ed Zebrowski8
How Rapidly Can You Improve?Earle E Liederman10
What You Must Know About Vitamins and MineralsE M Orlick12
Pictorial Spread of Mr. Los Angeles Contest of 194714
Let's GossipWalter Marcyan16
How I Broaden My ShouldersEric Pedersen18
Arthur Saxon's Views on WeightliftingMartin Franklin20
Questions And Answers21
Why Try To Become "Mr. America" ?Clarence Ross22
Supine Presses for PowerRuss Field24
Man Of The Month - Phil SkarinGene Jantzen26
Handbalancing For Exercise and FunE M Orlick27
How To Tear a Telephone Book in HalvesGeorge F Jowett28
Future GreatsEarle E Liederman29
Two Kinds of Training Methods - High Rep, Low RepBert Goodrich30

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