Muscle Power, Volume 1 Number 6

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman5
What's The Size Of Your Thighs?Marvin Urvant7
Bert Goodrich - America's Superman!Earle E Liederman16
Presenting Mr. America - Pictorial ReviewBen Weider22
Is Barbell Training Hard Work For You?Dr Frederick Tilney28
Believe It Or Shut Up!Phil D Lloyd32
Smoking And Your HealthBamford Stanley33
The Dangers Of OvertrainingRoger Eells37
Cartoon Section41
Learn To Breathe The Yogi WayK G Randell47
Weird Phiscal Mysteries50
Sandow's System Of Physical CultureMartin Franklin53
Avoid Chills During Exercise57
Eating For Strength And PowerRussel Allen59
Muscualr Marvels66
Strong Men On ParadeLeo Gaudreau69
Are Weightlifters Slow?William A Pullum72
Man Of The Month - Clancy RossJoe Weider76
Exericse Is A PleasureJoe Weider78
Some Little Known Facts About YourselfHereward Carrington83
Training For Tremendous TricepsArman Ozon87
Hackenschmidt Meant What He SaidWalter L Parsley91
How Much Nerve Have You Got?Earle E Liederman94
From Cripple To ChampionEd Theriault99
Before And AfterTony Lanza101
Sheik Abid - The Prince Of WrestlersBen Weider103
At 34 - A Pillar Of MightMarshall Grenuick104
My Wife Inspires Me To Keep FitJake Hitchins105
My Success SotryJoe Zucco108
MuscledomGeorge R Weaver109
What To Do For Stomach Troubles115

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