IronMan, Volume 29 Number 1

Table of Contents

EditorialChuck Sipes11
This Guy, Reg ParkRobert Kennedy13
Concentrate For Faster GainsBradley J Steiner17
Peter McCarthy, Mr Southern HemisphereRobert Nailon18
Isolation TrainingDick Samson23
Do Champs Have Nutrition Secrets?Carl Richford24
Planning Your TrainingChuck Sipes26
Can We Improve Physique Contest Judging?28
What Is The Ideal Physique?28
Gallucci Wins Teenage Mr AmericaPeary Rader30
Mr USA - Flash Report31
Good Deltoids For Top PhysiqueAchilles Kallos32
When I'm 100 I'll Take Up GolfFred Grace33
Value Of Peak Contraction TrainingAnthony Ditillo34
Question Department35
The Question Of SteroidsBruce Page36
Trim Your Waist With Stationary RunningPaul Jones37
Must Everybody Jog?Leslie W Carson38
Readers Roundup40
Jr Mr USA41
Ken Patera - America's Challenge to Russian SupremacyBruce Wilhelm42
Lifting News42
Senior Nationals Power Lift Flash Report43
Teanage Nationals Weightlifting44
Junior Nationals Weightlifting46

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