IronMan, Volume 28 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - Have You Planned Ahead?Peary Rader11
Coe Wins Mr AmericaRalph Countryman12
Jr Mr America Title to CoeDave Collier18
Some Common Sense Secrets of BodybuildingVince Gironda19
Frank Richard - Mr Britain 1969Robert Kennedy20
Unusual Biceps Exercises of ChampsCarl Richford22
Sugar And Your HeartBruce Page23
Build Giant Calves With The Donkey Calf RaiseDick Samson24
Are Rest Periods Necessary?Achilles Kallos25
Heavy Leg and Back WorkBradley J Steiner26
Another Bodybuilding Drink28
Question Department29
Babe Stansbury's Battle For Health And SrengthEarle Liederman30
A Letter To TomFred Grace33
Readers Roundup35
Training To Define The PhysiqueBruce Page38
Lifting News39
new Champions Emerge in Senior Nationals39
Many Records Made At Junior NationalsDave Collier46
Grunt And Groan49

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