IronMan, Volume 28 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - Bodybuilders or WeightliftersPeary Rader11
Iron Man Honors Paul AndersonPeary Rader12
Mr StrengthRobert Kennedy15
Paul Anderson and IRonny J Barnes18
Overload Training SystemPeary Rader21
How Zane Won IFBB Mr UniverseRobert Kennedy22
How To SpecializeBradley J Steiner26
Don't Neglect The TrapsAchilles Kallos28
Facts on FatsDon Haddleton29
Specializing on the MidsectionTed Sheola30
Question DepartmentPeary Rader32
Overtraining - A Step to NowhereMike Torres34
Three Exercises For Fantastic SizeAnthony Ditillo35
Patricia SpendloveRobert Nailon36
Another Muscle Buidling DrinkRue Snodgrass38
Tips On Easing Running PainFred Grace39
Readers Roundup39
Improve Your Dead LiftWayne Gallasch43
Lifting News43
Grunt and Groan46
Behind The ScenesJerry Jones47
Report Of Weightlifting CommitteeRalph Countryman48

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