IronMan, Volume 28 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - The New Iron ManPeary Rader11
Boyer Coe and His TrainingPeary Rader12
Microcirculation and Maximum Strength, part 3William Babnick16
Training For Mr Universe with Dennis TinerinoAchilles Kallos18
Why You Should Use PHA in Your TrainingRobert Kennedy21
Rudman Wins Mr Europe TitlePeter Fasching22
Training Motivations Are NecessaryBob Packer23
Back Specialization A MustTed Sheola24
Include Compound MovememntsAchilles Kallos26
Take To The HillsFred Grace27
Fats and CarbohydratesBruce Page28
Basic Workout ProgramsBradley J Steiner29
Oliva, Sipes, Zane Win IFBB Titles30
Maximum Circulation For ArmsAnthony Ditillo32
Question Department33
Power Rack And Torso Twister For AbdomenLeslie W Carson34
How I Gained 30 Lbs of Muscle in Six WeeksRandy Strosser36
Another Muscle Building Drink36
Readers Roundup37
Lifting News - A New Research StudyDave Webster41
Grunt and Groan42
Training For a Maximum SquatWayne Gallasch44
Sensational Olympi LiftingGeorge Kirkley46
Complete Statistical Report of Olympics51

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