IronMan, Volume 27 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Superman's Advantage - Is It Yours?Peary Rader13
Chris Dickerson's ABC'sPeary Rader15
Ken Waller YMCA Mr AmericaFranklin Page16
The Chemistry of Muscular Contraction, part 2William Babnick20
You're Never Too Old To Be GreatRobert Kennedy23
How Much Protein Do We Need?Bruce Page25
Inflating And Bursting A Hot Water BottleChuck Sipes, Franklin Page26
A Limited Program With The Breathing SquatSterri Larsen28
Muscle Building DrinkJohn Foster29
Youthful "Ancient" Superman - Win FranklinTed Sheola30
PHA Combined With "Pump"Achilles Kallos32
The Power Rack - Gymnasium SupremeLeslie W Carson34
Anabolic Steroids - An AnalysisPeter Spencer-Krause37
Increase Your Bench Press PowerAnthony Ditillo39
Meet The CarmansFred Grace39
Readers Roundup40

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