IronMan, Volume 26 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - A Balance Training PhilosphyPeary Rader11
Achilles KallosOscar Heidenstam12
How They Train - Freddy OrtizBruce Page16
A Solution For Chronic Shoulder InjuryKirk Crist17
Barbell Fun - JugglingLeslie W Carson18
Is Fred Grace Real?Bob Hise20
Every Lifter Should RunFred Grace21
Frank Rubin StoryEarle Liederman22
The Hise Shoulder ShrugFred R Howell24
Try The Group Set SystemBruce Page25
Rheo H Blair - Fact or Fraud?Howard Sanford Young27
Pressing For Upper Body DevelopmentAchilles Kallos30
Dr Craig Whitehead Speaks31
Specialization With PHABob Gajda32
Continuity PrincipleJon Verne34
The Big IF - Intensity Factor in TrainingJim Craig36
Readers Roundup38

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