IronMan, Volume 26 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - The PHA or Sequence RevolutionPeary Rader7
Chet Yorton - From Wheelchair to Mr Universe9
How They Train - Larry ScottBruce Page11
Kettle Bell JugglingLeslie W Carson12
Squat & Twenty Reps For Fast GainsPeary Rader14
A Super Protein Drink15
Gene Wells - One of America'c Great PhysiquesPeary Rader17
A Crying Need - A Mr Over 40 ProrgramFred Grace20
On Expenditure of EnergyFred Grace21
PHA Routines For Maximum GainsJim Craig22
Bodybiulding, Fitness and PHACarl Richford27
How To Organize a Co-op GymHoward Cochran28
What Should You Weigh?Robert Brown30
To Compete or Not To Compete?Joe Southard34
100 Reps Per MinuteFred Grace35
Question Department35
Two-Arm Snatch for BodybuildersAchilles Kallos36
Readers Roundup37

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