IronMan, Volume 25 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Living Dangerously?Peary Rader7
Training Of Elmo SantiagoRichard Simons8
The Mr Universe Contests, An Analysis And ComparisonFranklin Page12
Juxtaposition Principle In TrainingRichard Simons16
Mighty Boys From BellevilleRalph Countryman18
Arm Building With Fannie Du ToitAchilles Kallos22
How To Build Muscle Fast With High RepsBruce Page26
Wake Up AliveFred Grace27
Why I Reduced 100 PoundsDoug Hepburn28
Let's Have More Scientific Study In Bodybuilding FieldCarl Richford29
How Richard Simons Gained 25 Lbs in 25 Days31
Readers Roundup33
Pros and Cons of VibratorPat Ryden35

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