IronMan, Volume 25 Number 2

Table of Contents

Carry Your Own Oxygen TentFred Grace5
Editorial - Defensive Living!Donne Hale7
Parks and Santiago Win Mr UniverseOscar Heidenstam8
A Competitor's Impression of the Mr Universe ContestAchilles Kallos11
Sensational Albert Beccles - His ProgramGeorge Greenwood12
Latest Muscle Building TechniqueBruce Page16
Bits o BrawnDonne Hale17
Larry Scott, Dave Draper, Earl Maynard Win IFBB TitlesJon Twichell18
What You Should Not Do20
Another Effective Muscle-Building Drink21
Stan Brice - Mr Northern California22
Abdominal Specialization With Tommy WilliamsAchilles Kallos26
Feats Of Strength Made EasyPeary Rader28
You Don't Have To Be A ChampRobert Kennedy29
The WMCSA Makes Situps A PleasureRoger Altemus30
Readers Roundup31
Women Of StrengthPaula Mollerup34

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