IronMan, Volume 24 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - Some Shortcuts To Better BodybuildingPeary Rader7
On Our Cover - Randy Watson9
Corvellow Wins "Mr California"Bob Hise12
A Back Program That Is DifferentHarry Johnson14
Fallacies About Reducing For Contest ConditionCarl Richford18
X-Plus - The Wonder Drink For BulkMichael J Salvati20
Are You Ready For The Big 4 and the Magic 10?Peary Rader21
Bits O BrawnDonne Hale22
Specialize On CalvesAchilles Kallos24
Sleep - The Master RejuvenatorFred Grace26
Shape And Definition Win Mr Britain TitleOscar Heidenstam28
Do It Right - The Squat VariationsBill Pearl, Leo Stern30
Training For Balanced Pec DevelopmentBruce Page31
Readers Roundup32
How To Reduce Hereditarily Large CalvesPat Ryden35

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