IronMan, Volume 24 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Mr America Contest - What Should Be Done?Peary Rader5
Charles Estes - Southland ChampionA F Page6
After Bulking Up - Train DownHarry Johnson10
Jannie Graaff - Pro Mr South AfricaAchilles Kallos14
How To Use Nutrition And Food Supplements to Develop The Body You WantCarl Richford16
Making Adjustments To Advancing Years18
Strongman Stunts Made EasyPeary Rader20
Run For Your HealthFred Grace22
Vitamins and Minerals For Bigger MusclesBruce Page24
Dear Uncle EdJim Haught25
How Much Pumping - Its Value and DangersSamuel Homola26
Do It Right For Best ResultsBill Pearl, Leo Stern28
Readers Roundup29
Nutrition NotesRejane Robert32
Exercise For Beautiful LegsAchilles Kallos33

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