IronMan, Volume 23 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - Bodybuilding, Big Muscles, Condition, Health, StrengthPeary Rader7
Ernie Phillips, One of America's BestLeo Stern8
Junior Nationals and Junior Mr America10
Exercise of the MonthCliff Swan13
Dr Craig Whitehead, the Muscled MedicGeorge Sweeney14
10 Set Magic For Bulk and PowerPeary Rader18
Strongman Stunts Made Easy20
A New Weight Gaining Drink22
Stones of Strength ConqueredDave Webster23
Bits o BrawnDonne Hale24
Question Department25
Should SpecializationAchilles Kallos26
Health Starts At the MiddleFred Grace28
Readers Roundup30
Girls - Go Physical, Go IsometricMerrill A Portman34

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