IronMan, Volume 23 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - Communication, Health, HappinessPeary Rader7
Tommy Williams, Mr South AfricaAchilles Kallos8
Exercise of the MonthCliff Swan11
Staging A Successful Strength ShowHarry Johnson12
The Magic Circle - For Miraculous Results14
What Is A Great Physique?Franklin Page16
Specialization On Those LatsVern Bickel20
Physical Effects of High AltitudesHal Stephens22
Bits o BrawnDonne Hale24
Vitamin C - A Bodybuilding MustBruce Page26
Steve Carlotto - Strongman ExtraordinaryWalter Boucher27
Question Department28
Ralph Kroger Bulks Up, Trains DownDon Pace30
Ladies - Want A 21 Inch Waist?32
Readers Roundup34

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