IronMan, Volume 23 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Well Balanced?Peary Rader7
Tom Sansone, Mr Unvierse's StoryBruce Page8
America Makes Clean Sweep In Mr Universe ContestOscar Heidenstam, George Greenwood10
Advanced Training For Stubborn MusclesHarry Johnson14
Sensational Records Made At World Championships18
Build Endurance and Size Through Controlled Interval TrainingBob Mitchell20
Physical Training at Kentucky State ReformatoryFranklin Page22
Super Specialization For Advanced GainsBruce Page24
Hank Hofland Proves It Pays To Train All Your LifeAchilles Kallos26
Readers Roundup28
Questions Department31
Dionne WilliamsAchilles Kallos35

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