IronMan, Volume 22 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - Muscle And Health - Are They The Same?Peary Rader7
Story Of Sam Loprinzi8
Mr America's Upper Body SpecializationHarry Johnson12
How To Make Belt For Dips On Parallel Bars15
Block Balancing Is Fun And EasyGay W Ng17
Isometric ApplicationGeorge Cohen18
New Method For Deveoping Stubborn MusclesBruce Page20
Want The Best Training Courses?Keith W Williams22
Question Department24
Clinics - Clinics - Clinics25
The Kings Of Strength, Chapter 21David P Willoughby26
Exercise Of The Month - Leferage Rowing Mothion28
Research Department29
Readers Roundup30
Health - Beauty - StrengthRejane Robert57
How To Keep FitBetty Colonna60

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