IronMan, Volume 21 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - Can You Survive?Peary Rader7
Joe Abbenda - Champion BodybuilderLeo Stern8
Are Physique Stars Strong?Oscar Heidenstam10
Chest SpecializationHarry Johnson14
British Beauties Train With WeightsOscar Heidenstam18
One Exercise ProgramWalter Boucher20
Rest - A Gaining SecretBruce Page21
Research DepartmentPeary Rader22
Isometric Exercise For Power26
Visualization Self-HypnosisJack L Donavan28
Training On The Olympic LiftsDoug Hepburn29
George Lurich - 1900 ChampionDavid P Willoughby30
Readers Roundup32
The Sheri Lewis StoryGeorge R Bruce57

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