IronMan, Volume 19 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - An Easy Method To Health And Strength - Is This True?Peary Rader7
Meet John HomolaLeo Stern8
Layoffs - Do You Need THem?Earl Maynard11
What About Your Legs?Earle Liederman12
Loose and Flexible After 50Robert Nealey16
HandbalancingRalph H Samuels17
W-T at University of Nebraska18
Specialized Training For Physique CompetitionEarl Maynard20
Paul WynterEarl Maynard21
Want To Gain Weight?Bruce Page22
ResearchMike Millet24
Exercise Of The MonthBill August25
Question Department26
Barbell AmbassadorJoyce Maucher27
Early American StrongmenDavid P Willoughby28
Reader Speaks30
Timmy Leong33
Readers Roundup34
Health - Beauty - PhysiqueRejane Robert57

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