IronMan, Volume 19 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - Can You Operate An Electronic Computer?Peary Rader7
Bill StathesHal Stephens8
A Few Tips On Bench PressingDoug Hepburn11
Might McKeever TwinsKen Frederick12
What Happens When You StopJim Murray15
Muscles Bring Troubles and JoyEarle Liederman16
Most Important ProblemDavid Rodes18
World's Greatest RoutinesPeary Rader18
Powerful CalvesBill August20
The Reader Speak22
Question Department23
Famous American Strongmen of the 1890sDavid Willoughby24
Seven Basic ExercisesEarl Maynard26
Thicker Triceps - Bigger ArmsBruce Page28
Tom Sansone30
Muscle Beach IncArnold J Hansen34
Readers Roundup36
Health - Beauty - PhysiqueRejane Robert57
Great ExpectationsPamela Lewis61

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