IronMan, Volume 19 Number 2

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial - The Most Important Problem?Fred R Howell7
Persistence Pays For Harry JohnsonPeary Rader9
Mr. America Contest 195911
Senior National Weightlifting Contest15
One-Half Inch On Arm In One DayArnold Pope18
A "Natural" Strong Man?19
Kenpo KarateEd Parker20
Mr and Miss Britain ContestEarl Maynard21
Pullover Press - Fast GainsBruce Page23
This 'N ThatBob Hise25
Strong Men Tried to Dethrone SandowDavid P Willoughby26
Championship Training MethodsEarl Maynard28
Research Department29
Question Department32
All The World's Greatest SchedulesPeary Rader33
Readers Roundup35
Leilani Michael's Trim CourseHal Stephens58
A Clean Skin & ExerciseRejane Robert60

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