IronMan, Volume 18 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - What Can We Do?Peary Rader7
Famous Vince GirondaBob Hise8
Mr. Los AngelesBob Hise12
George Orlando, Mr. New York CityHank Galiano13
Maximum Calves A MustR T McShane14
Strongmen - This Is For YouPeary Rader16
Outside America17
Space & Dollars, Our ProblemBoyd Brougher18
Question Department19
Weight Training in Big City SchoolsDavid Rodes20
Workouts For The Working Man22
Kenpo KarateBen Atake24
Research DepartmentCharles Ross26
Who's Who & What's WhatBob Hise29
The Kings of Strength - part 13, When Weightlifitng was Organized in Germany and AustriaDavid P Willoughby30
Training Session With Pat CaseyKen Frederick32
Readers Roundup34
Beauty - Health - PhysiqueRejane Robert57
Do You Carry Excess Baggage?Pamela Lewis61

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