IronMan, Volume 18 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - We Hang Our Heads In ShamePeary Rader7
A Handicap Did Not Stop Babe StansburyBob Hise8
Build That Broad BackR T McShane10
The Miracle Muscle MassageBruce Page12
Wourkouts For The Working Man14
Spread Those ShouldersDr G W Kelling16
Tumbling and AcrobaticsRalph H Samuels17
Who's Who and What's WhatEarle E Liederman18
Make Your Own Plate ClampsMichael J Salvati20
Question Department21
The Kings of Strength, part 12, How Good Was Sandow?David P Willoughby22
Cures for Back TroubleRex Ravelle25
Strand PullingDave Webster26
What About Steam Baths?George Redpath29
Better Arm DevelopmentJohn McWilliams30
Full Squats For FootballJim Murray32
Readers Roundup34
Health, Strength, BeautyRejane Robert57
Elizabeth SchaeferHenry Koehler61

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