IronMan, Volume 18 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - Can We Improve Physique Contests?Peary Rader7
Mr. Brains and Brawn - Ron LedasJohn Sxarko8
Mr. Universe 1958Dave Webster10
Workouts For Workign ManPeary Rader12
Kono, Berger, Ashman Make World Records at Stockholm14
New Angles in Chest DevelopmentDr G W Kelling17
Who's Who and What's WhatEarle E Liederman18
The Theory of Isometric ContractionsCharles Ross21
Pusher Training22
Photography at Shows, part 2Hal Stephens24
Are You Training Wrong?Bruce Page28
Mr. Physical FitnessM L Kirchner31
Kenpo KarateEd Parker32
The Kings of Strength - part 12, The Rasso TrioDavid P Willoughby34
Readers Roundup36
Do It Yourself GirdlesJohn McWilliams57
Beauty - Health - PhysiqueRejane Robert59
A Canadian BarbellBruce Page62

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