IronMan, Volume 18 Number 2

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial - They Can't All Be Wrong!D M Lewis7
Tom Sansone - Mr. America 1958Franklin Page9
Hightlights of Mr. America Contest11
You Need A Big ChestR T McShane14
Is Grena Trumbo the Strongest Woman In The World?16
Photography - Lifting and Physique, part 1Hal Stephens18
Workouts for the Working Man20
Who's Who and What's WhatEarle E Liederman22
Tumbling and AcrobaticsRalph H Samuels25
Kenpo KarateEd Parker26
The Kings of Strength - part 11, Sampson and CyclopsDavid P Willoughby28
Your Home Gym31
George F Jowett, Where Is He Now?32
Readers Roundup33
Beauty - Health - PhysiqueRejane Robert57
Nancy DePaul - StrongwomanDave Webster60

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