IronMan, Volume 17 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - Are You Prepared?Peary Rader7
The Man on the Cover - Rex Ravelle8
Power & Bulk Training For YouRay Beck10
Nutrition NotesGeorge Redpath13
Supine Press For PowerPeary Rader14
Make Your Own Incline Bench17
Weight Training For The AthleteJim Murray18
Training For Two Hands PressHal Stephens20
Can Back Trouble Be Cured?Peary Rader26
Super Weight Gaining Course, part 3Peary Rader30
The Kings of Strength - part 8, Early European StrongmenDavid P Willoughby32
The Question Box35
Readers Roundup36
Make This "Shin" Muscle BootGlenn Turner37
Beauty - Health - PhysiqueRejane Robert57
For You The Complete Beginner60

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