IronMan, Volume 15 Number 6

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial - What is to be done?Leo Stern7
The Story of Dick SchaeferDoug Lindzy8
Best Leg Development ProgramHal Stephens10
The Fabulous Dr. You16
The Squat, Greatest Single ExercisePeary Rader18
The Kings of Strength, A History of StrongmenDavid P Willoughby25
Eiferman Visits Iron Man32
Training Advice33
Tumbling and AcrobaticsRalph H Samuels34
How to Build a Multi-Purpose Bench and RackTony Qintero35
Readers Roundup36
Who Should Judge Physique Contests?Bruce Page54
Vivacious Womanhood57
Meet Jackie MacDonaldBruce Page58
Beauty - Health - PhysiqueRejane Robert58

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