IronMan, Volume 15 Number 1

Table of Contents

Anderson Makes Records At Terlazzo ShowHank Galiano4
EditorialPeary Rader5
How Long To Become Well Built?Vern Bickel6
One Hour Program for Strength BuildingHal Stephens10
My Training Partner, Jerry Ross, Mr CaliforniaMaylen Wiltse16
Try the Hack Squat and the 1 1/2 SystemBruce Page18
Nutrition NotesGeorge Redpath20
You Can Recover From Crippling Illness or AccidentsLarry Lawson21
The Squat - Greatest Single ExercisePeary Rader22
Kinesiology, What's That?Chester O Teegarden27
Hand Balancing Made EasyAl Iannone28
The Question Box30
Readers Roundup33
What Happened To Tony Sansone?39
Vivacious Womanhood57
Want to be a Girl Wrestler?58
Here's How You Can Have a Beautiful FigureJohn McWilliams61

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