IronMan, Volume 14 Number 5

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial - What We Need in the Iron GameLud Schusterich5
Story of Vic SeipkeEd Tyszka, Douglas6
New Ideas on Arm SpecializingVern Bickel10
Relax - Relax - Relax !John McWilliams13
Wanted: One Hour WorkoutHal Stephens14
Life Begins at (?)D M Lewis19
Strengthen That Bad BackVictor Westphall20
Improve Your LatissimusBruce Page21
How To Present a Strength Show22
Hepburn's TrainingG Devine25
A Design for LivingCharles Ross26
The Question Box31
Readers Roundup34
Vivacious Womanhood57
The Legs Have "It"Alyce Yarick58
Streamlinging For "Sag Sisters"Pamela Lewis60

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