IronMan, Volume 14 Number 1

Table of Contents

Editorial Peary Rader5
What Progress Can the Older Man Make?Peary Rader6
Can You Ruin Your Physique?Vern Bickel12
A Readers ExperimentMilt Moses15
The Passing SceneHarry B Paschall16
Dave Sheppard - The Wonder Boy Who Made GoodKen Frederick20
Muscular Bodyweight Is What You WantBruce Page22
Two Dumbells Curl and PressPeter B Cortese23
How To Own and Operate Your Own GymPeary Rader24
Body Culture in Ancient WorldD M Lewis26
Developing Good DefinitionM L Kirchner28
Protein for Faster GainsBruce Page30
Readers Roundup32
Vivacious Womanhood57
Wanted: A Slim WaistAlyce Yarick58
Planning a Reducing DietLynne Kendrick60

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